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CryptoScam Review

Get unbiased broker reviews and cryptocurrency scam coverage

Scams happen in the world of crypto trading. While trading crypto coins like bitcoin , you may face different scams including fake mining schemes, unreliable exchanges, forged HYIPs, Ponzi schemes, fraudulent account managers, untrusted ICOs, and hacked automated trading bots. So how should you trade cryptocurrency like a pro? Well, read as much as you can about trading, brokers, and scams that reshaped the digital-currency landscape.

And this analysis should be done much before you actually trust a cryptocurrency broker with your hard-earned money. So you need a reliable source where you can find not only unbiased broker and wallet reviews but also detailed coverage on the crypto scams so that you remain in the know. That’s where steps in.

A user-friendly hub delivering quality with quantity 

The moment you land on this website, an uncluttered user interface (UI) welcomes you. Here, you read the reviews and information needed to make crypto trading simpler and safer in every respect. Apart from offering some easy hacks to demystify crypto trading out and out, this site has a whitelist where all the reliable crypto brokers are listed. Additionally, there’s an entire webpage dedicated to exploring all the latest crypto scams that have destroyed the portfolio of some reckless investors.

Below, you’ll find the complete rundown on the different website parts that make it a great hub for every crypto trader out there.

Read about the latest and greatest crypto scams

There’s a “Crypto-scams” tab on the website. While hovering over this tab, a sub-tab named “Trading Systems” will appear. If you click on the sub-tab, you’ll go to the page where every scammed trading platform is listed. However, if you simply click on “Crypto-scams,” you’ll be directed to a page that has the details on every bad trading platform along with the low-down on other crypto-related frauds.

Whitelisted brokerage platforms and other useful information

Next to the “Crypto-scams” tab is a tab named “Whitelist.” There, you’ll have the option to either go to the “Whitelist” or click on a sub-tab named “Trading Systems Whitelist.” By clicking on the “Whitelist” tab, you’ll get the content about every piece of information that’ll make you a better crypto trader. While clicking on “Trading Systems Whitelist,” you’ll land on the exclusive section that lists really well-written reviews on whitelisted breakage companies—the ones you can trust. 

Video feed that makes reviews interactive every time 

Beside the “Whitelist” tab, you’ll find the “Video” tab. The team behind the site understands that not everyone is a voracious reader. If you don’t like reading, the site has a section where you’ll find video reviews. These videos are shot well and aren’t that long—on average, a video on the site lasts up to 15 minutes. In case you don’t want to read, you can see the feed and expect to get enlightened. 

The authors who give the most unprejudiced reviews 

The team of cryptocurrency analysts and traders involved in this site has the mettle to deliver unbiased reviews. The authors writing for the website include trading software developers, cryptocurrency miners, and experienced Wall Street traders. Overall, the team has the experience and knowledge to deliver the hidden insights from the cryptocurrency landscape. 

The final verdict

The website’s user-friendly UI is good for not only the expert cryptocurrency traders but also the beginners. Plus, the website’s loading time is short and its content is top-class. When all’s said and done, every crypto trader who wants to make sense of the volatile world of cryptocurrencies and ICOs should bookmark

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What if you had invested $1000 in crypto currencies one year ago, would you already be a millionaire?

Standard and Poor’s – the leading index provider of the world and the foremost source of independent credit rating comes up with the list of best performing stocks regularly. S&P-500 is the collective of the best performing 500 stocks of the US which is considered to be the most accurate method to assess the health of the US stock market, and a key indicator of the large cap stocks. While the benchmark group of S&P 500 stocks is observed to regularly return nearly 10% in terms of the stock market ROI, this figure simply goes to insignificance compared to the astronomical returns on investments provided by cryptocurrency investments.

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Bitcoin is Transforming The Money in Exciting New Ways Worldwide. Explore how?

Bitcoin catches up news headlines time and again due to multitude of reasons and diverse perspectives of the experts and traders about it. Despite being a digital currency, its popularity has left the industry wondering and worried at the same time. While some financial specialists had termed it as ‘the future of money’, some termed it as the “drug dealer’s dream.” There are still some others who consider it as “disruptive” or “transformative.” Dealing with Bitcoin not only provides you complete anonymity which lacks in traditional banking and trading; it has also radically changed the way we do banking and online transactions. Let’s discuss how Bitcoin trading is moving the world ahead and what challenges lie for it in its onward march.

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Top Factors That Have Driven Bitcoin Investment to the Next Level

Whether you choose to pay with credit or debit card, or make an electronic fund transfer, you very much require proceeding through a proprietary network for passing all account credentials between merchants and financiers. For your information, these networks are basically owned and run by many financial institutions such as banks, payment processors, etc. Troubles arise, when server goes down or an incompatibility issue occurs between different networks. Using a private network has always been costly for an average earner, resulting in the rise of Bitcoin. Setting ripples in the markets since its launch, Bitcoin of all Crypto coins has had the investors bid for it wildly and across the globe. Despite being in the financial vogue for these eight long years, a majority is still in wonder ‘what bitcoin is and how it works.’

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Considering Mining the Bitcoins? Know What It Takes

What is Bitcoin Mining?

There’s been much buzz around Bitcoin of late, which has already smashed through a whopping $7,000 in the first week of November 2017. Traded by millions all over the world, Bitcoin once more made the headlines with this phenomenal appreciation in its value, attracting more and more traders to invest in it. Investing in Bitcoin is a Wow business, only if you know your rise and limits, while the market is fluctuating. However, apart from this, how well you know what generates Bitcoin to be available in the public ledger? The process is known as Bitcoin Mining.

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Should You Really Invest In Bitcoin? Know Its Potential Risk Factors

In the beginning of 2017, there came a proposal by Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler, which was rejected later by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The infamous duo claimed that Mark Zuckerberg, the trail-blazer and founder of Facebook, had stolen their idea and built Facebook. They came to add more that this happened during their Harvard days and when they planned to launch a Bitcoin-based Exchange-trade Fund (ETF). The decision of SEC came after almost 4 years since the duo filed for regulatory approval.

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This is How You Can Store And Secure Your Bitcoins

Money has seamlessly changed forms with passing years. Starting from gold coins, the money took the forms of paper bills and proof of credit. These forms can be physically different from one another, but they are still backed by governments. Legal tenders majorly constitute fiat currencies that are governed by officially established monetary systems. However, in 2009 came the bitcoin—a new digital currency that was not backed by any bank or government but was created using a computer code.

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Heard Enough of Bitcoins, But Know Little? Give It A Read!

A quick and short introduction to BITCOINS

Since 2009, Bitcoin has been a buzz-word in the virtual economy. Its value has always surged, and at one point of time, 1 Bitcoin equaled $3,000 right after the launch. Quite surprising, isn’t it?

But, the irony is that there are yet many, who have no idea of ‘what exactly Bitcoin is.’ This article enlightens you, as to what Bitcoin is and how it can be your next great investment.

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Here is Your Foolproof Plan to Successfully Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum have caught the fancy of many speculators in recent years. These digital currencies are now regarded as one of the hottest investment commodities presently available. The exchangeable, immutable cryptographic tokens will soon become non-manipulatable hard money for the entire world. Their advocates are seen evangelically proclaiming that bitcoins and other varieties of cryptocurrencies will soon substitute dollar, euro, etc., for developing the first free and hard currency of the word.

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