AvaTrade Review

Are you looking forward to invest in a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers high returns? There are several cryptocurrency trading platforms out there that offer the assurance of higher profits. However, there are some of the fraudulent trading systems as well that run away with the hard-earned money of the traders. As such, we keep posting the genuine reviews of several cryptocurrency trading platforms such that the traders are aware of the same. By knowing whether a particular trading platform is reliable or not, a particular trader can decide the investment of his or her money.

In this article, we present the detailed review of AvaTrade cryptocurrency trading platform that is a leading name in the cryptocurrency trading industry. When you would visit the online website of this trading platform, you will come across some of the unique features that it offers to the traders out there. Therefore, if you are anxious to know about this trading platform in a detailed manner, then here is our in-depth review of the same.

Background & History of AvaTrade

AvaTrade is an established and renowned Forex as well as cryptocurrency trading broker. This trading platform has a fully equipped website that offers high-end features to its traders. Going by the unique features of this site or trading platform, one can say that AvaTrade trading system is here to stay for a longer period of time. Until now, the records and findings claim that this is a highly reliable and legitimate cryptocurrency trading platform.

AvaTrade was started in the year 2006. This trading platform has its headquarters located in Dublin, Ireland. The trading platform is known for its high-end trading services across the world in as many as 150 countries. The company has its various offices located in different parts of the world. AvaTrade is a leading Forex as well as a cryptocurrency trading broker that is committed to offering the safest and the easiest trading environment for the traders.

AvaTrade Regulations & Licenses

The trading company is fully regulated as well as authorized in the BVI and EU. The company has received additional regulations & license for operations in countries like Japan, Australia, and South Africa. AvaTrade is licensed by several leading financial regulators on the basis of different countries:

  • AVA Trade EU Ltd. has been regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland under the license number #C53877 which is used for covering the entire European Union.
  • Ava Trade Japan K.K. has been licensed by the FSA Japan under the license number #1662 along with the Japan FFA #1574.
  • AVA Capital Markets Australia Pty Ltd has been regulated by the ASIC of Australia under the license number #406684.
  • AVA Capital Markets Pty Ltd has been licensed in South Africa by the FSB under the license number #45984.

Owing to its world-class regulatory bodies and authorizations, it can be said with much ease that this is a highly reliable and legitimate trading platform. Therefore, if you are looking forward to invest in some highly trustworthy trading platform, then AvaTrade is an ideal option for you.

Salient Features of Trading with AvaTrade

One of the most unique features offered by the AvaTrade trading platform is that it offers highly diverse and a proper automated trading package. This cryptocurrency trading package comes as a bundle of the trading software itself. The advanced trading strategies and the trading APIs (Application Platform Interfaces) used by this trading platform are offered to the traders for the ease of doing cryptocurrency trading. These advanced strategies and trading APIs sell for hundreds of amounts in the trading market are offered to the traders entirely for free. The trading broker offers these trading features to the traders at the simple cost of forex trading.

Another feature of AvaTrade is that it offers several platforms to the traders for trading with much ease. On an overall basis, the clients of AvaTrade have the option of 8 different types of trading platforms to select from:

  • MT4 (MetaTrader 4)
  • Meta Trader platform for mobile trading
  • Meta Trader platform for Mac
  • Meta Trader platform for web trading
  • Meta Trader platform for floating spreads
  • The proprietary AvaTradeAct platform for CFD & Forex trading
  • Trading platforms for Automated trading

The traders are only required to pay for the given spreads for doing cryptocurrency trading. In addition to this, the broker charges no extra cost for offering its high-end professional and advanced auto-trading instruments & tools that the traders are given joining this trading platform. This offers great ease of use and functionality to the traders who are looking forward to earn some high profits in the trading industry.

The automated trading package offered by the AvaTrade trading platform includes the famous trading system of the Zulu. Zulu is a famous trading system which is the self-owned auto trader system of the AvaTrade trading. By using this trading system, the traders are given access to highly profitable algorithmic trading which are available in the latest versions of the cryptocurrency trading environment. In addition to this, these trading systems are also available in the form of an advanced assortment of several APIs (Advanced Platform Interfaces). This functionality of the AvaTrade trading platform allows the traders towards devising their own forex or cryptocurrency automation solutions from the beginning itself. This features serves as a unique benefit to the traders that is available to them with no other trading company in the field of forex & cryptocurrency trading offering these features in the current scenario.

Trading Software of AvaTrade

AvaTrade trading software offers another amazing bundle of features and trading services to make cryptocurrency trading highly profitable for the traders. The best thing about this trading platform is that it caters to every type of traders that are available in the trading industry. Whether you are a beginner or a professional trader in the field of cryptocurrency & forex trading, AvaTrade is an ideal option for you as it as something to offer to each trader out there. AvaTrade trading platform offers a wide range of trading platform –both manual as well as automated trading platforms. Each trading platform with this broker allows the access to more than 250 cryptocurrency trading platforms. In addition to this, the traders also get access to profitable trading indicators, several useful analytical tools, and highly updated minute charts. These useful tools & instruments help the traders to maximize the chances of earning higher profits in the long run.

AvaTrade trading platform is a highly powerful & user-friendly trading environment. This trading portal allows for effective trading with the help of a single click. It allows for successful trading on all the available assets from a single device or screen. In addition to this, the trading platform is also highly customizable. The customized features of this trading system boast unique characteristics like live feeds, live analysis of self trading, advance charting and so more for the ease of trading by the naïve & professional traders.

With this trading platform, you can also gain access to Metatrader4. This is one of the most famous and successful trading platforms out there. By trading with this trading platform, you can get maximum flexibility and the ability to satisfy oneself by gaining ample trading knowledge and higher experience levels in the field of cryptocurrency trading.

With the help of AvaTrade trading system, you can come across some of the leading names in the trading industry like Zulu Trade and Mirror Trader auto trading platforms. These are some of the most popular auto trading brokers in the current trading industry. The presence of such auto trading platforms or software allows the traders for duplicating the successful trades of some highly skilled & experienced traders out there. You are capable of copying the successful trades with the help of such auto trading platforms at any time and from anywhere. All that you would need is your computer system and the Internet connection.

AvaTrade Bitcoin Trading Platform

It is very easy to achieve successful bitcoin trading with this trading platform. Once you have opened an account with this trading platform and have made an investment with the same, you are all ready to start trading with this trading system in bitcoin. At the AvaTrade trading system, you can make an initial deposit of as low as $100. The best part is that this trading system accepts a wide array of funding methods which would include debit cards, credit cards, Neteller, Moneybookers, PayPal, WebMoney, and so more. AvaTrade trading system offers a leverage of 10:1 for the bitcoin trading. This is because the digital currency is considered to be a highly volatile asset.

When you consider the leverage 10:1 with this trading platform, this functions in the following way:

If the market price of bitcoin is $1000, and you have $1000 in the individual trading account with AvaTrade, you have the ability to sell or purchase a given contract that equals a maximum value of 10 Bitcoins. By doing this, you have a purchasing power that tends to be 10 times more than your individual bankroll. In a typical bitcoin exchange, you are able to purchase only one bitcoin with the amount of $1000. However, with AvaTrade trading platform, you can purchase the contract for as many as 10 bitcoins with the same amount.

You can find both the advantages as well as disadvantages of leveraged trading with this trading platform. If you are able to predict the direction of the market price correctly, you will be able to make higher profits while using the leverage. The main disadvantage is that the risk in this type of trading also tends to be higher. If the trading price is moving against you, then your loss might be higher. If you are facing difficulties in the understanding of the working of the leverages in this trading or if you like taking smaller risks, then you can still buy contracts that are equivalent to the value that is present in your bankroll.

Selling Bitcoins with AvaTrade

Once you have purchased bitcoins with this trading system and wish to sell the same for higher profits, then you can achieve the same with much ease. In case you assume that the bitcoin that you have purchased is going to lose in value, then you can sell the bitcoins without even imposing any ownership on them. You can simply sell the given CFD contract and then you can make ample profits from the possible decrease in its value. This process in trading is referred to as “short selling”. This is quite a financial jargon and is often used by the investment funds when the markets are assumed to be falling in value.

Deposits & Withdrawals of AvaTrade

When you start trading with AvaTrade trading system, you must be aware of the deposits as well as the withdrawals systems. The minimum amount of making a deposit with this trading system is $100. The trading platform also offers a maximum leverage value of 400:1. As a trader, you must keep in mind that the higher the value of the leverage, the greater is the amount of risk imposed on you by the trading platform.

The AvaTrade trading platform offers the possibility of making immediate deposits with the trading system through the use of popular credit cards like MasterCard & Visa, this trading broker also accepts the bank wire transfers. You can also avail its high-end depositing facility through various other investment options like Neteller, PayPal, WebMoney, and Moneybookers. There is an additional Ava debit card system offered by the AvaTrade trading system. Through this system, the traders are given the ability to make withdrawals of the funds in a highly simple manner. With this withdrawal system, there is no paperwork required which usually delays the withdrawing process. Therefore, with the Ava debit card system, the traders can be assured of the faster transfer process.

Support Offered by AvaTrade

As a cryptocurrency trading platform, it is imperative of AvaTrade to offer high-end customer care support to offer continuous guidance and assistance to the traders in all conditions. To support the same, the AvaTrade trading platform offers excellent claims about the trading company aiming towards the creation of some user-centered trading experience for the traders of the company. In addition to the great amounts of information available to the traders that are already discussed in this article above. Moreover, the requirements of the accommodative initial deposit made by the trading platform are also highly lucrative.

AvaTrade trading portal distinguishes itself from the other trading platforms as it tends to offer a comprehensive customer support to the traders which is provided through its excellent team which is available 24/5 for the service of the traders. You can receive the excellent customer support from the team of AvaTrade trading system in as many as 12 languages. This ensures that all the queries of the traders are answered in a swift and instant manner. All the difficulties and issues of the traders are resolved by the high-tech team of the AvaTrade trading platform in the shortest possible time interval.

Safety of Trading with AvaTrade

If you are concerned about your safety of investment or trading with AvaTrade, then you can be assured of the fact that this trading platform is a highly reliable and legitimate trading portal. As such, you can be convinced of your investment that it is entirely safe and secure with this trading system. The AvaTrade trading system declares that this company is a subsidiary of the reliable holding company with as much as $17 billion in the trading market capitalization. This situation is quite uncommon in the forex & cryptocurrency trading environment. This fact definitely adds to the unusual dimension of high reliability and credibility to the trading brokers.

As this trading system is a reliable broker that is registered in Ireland, AvaTrade trading system is highly subject to stringent as well as extensive EU regulations & authorizations. These regulations and authorizations are imposed over the different financial activities of the trading platform. In addition to the subscribing of the highest and the most reliable industry standards in the standard data encryption as well as server security, the company employs a completely core cadre & team of the IT professionals. This is done for remaining up-to-date with the recent advanced developments in the field of IT (Information Technology). This should be achieved with the primary purpose that all the advanced and the most technical security enhancements are made available in the trading market. These advancements should be applied as soon as possible to the own system of the trading broker as well as to the trading software.

Other Additional Services of AvaTrade

  • One of the most striking features that you would find on the AvaTrade trading platform is the Sharp Trader Education center. This is one of the most amazing portals that aim to cater its educational services to both the professional as well as to the beginner traders out there. In the typical Sharp Trader Education Center, you can find an array of essential tools and equipment that would suite your trading needs. You would come across a myriad of lucrative learning materials that will help any trader of all levels to earn higher profits with much ease.
  • On this highly informative educational center, you will come across excellent trading signals and analysis materials, free Forex signals, market reviews, technical analysis, free live webinars, economic calendar, introductory level educational materials, and so more are available to those who might be new to forex as well as cryptocurrency trading. These educational materials and free live webinars include the best guided tutorials that are available with real time trading market updates. As such, the traders can be aware of what are the most lucrative options available out there and where they should be investing in a proper manner to earn maximum profits.
  • AvaTrade trading platform is a reliable trading system that is available for all the serious traders out there who seek to trade on some of the most lucrative trading options that are present there. This trading platform offers various trading options including OTC Vanilla options along with spot trading and options from a single interface with over 30 currency pairs.
  • With AvaTrade trading system, you are also the given the ease of mobile trading. As such, you can access this trading platform from your smartphone on Android and iOS systems.


  • Highly regulated broker
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Multiple choices of trading for the traders
  • Floating as well as fixed spreads available
  • Highly generous bonuses


With high recognition that has been established through the high-end reliable services, the AvaTrade trading portal has received several awards and reputation that is here to last for long. This trading platform stands out from the rest in the crowd in several aspects. If as a trader, you wish to emphasize safety of financial transactions, then you can be assured of the same through this trading portal. In addition to this, the AvaTrade trading portal is also highly regulated and legitimate and therefore, it poses no danger to your investment or trading.

The trading portal offers incredible manual as well as automated trading scenarios and solutions. This trading software is highly suitable even for the beginners who are quite naïve and have no idea of doing trading in this field. You can be pleased to find the very simple to use and highly user friendly interface offered by this trading scenario. Even for the professional traders, this trading platform is highly lucrative as it offers them the chance to hone their trading skills in an expert manner.

Because AvaTrade tends to be one of the oldest crypto trader brokers, you can completely trust this website for the high-end services and is highly reliable. The payments in this trading platform are highly prompt and the support is excellent. This trading portal is completely serious and a reliable broker for trading.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to mark your presence in the cryptocurrency field, then the AvaTrade trading platform is well suited for your needs.