IQ Option Review

Cryptocurrencies are in the recent times enjoying an increase in popularity amongst several business partners as people are now selling great items in almost every domain. However, the fact that differentiates cryptocurrency from other forms of trading or currencies is that it tends to be encrypted. The encryption of the digital currencies tends to lock the overall process that is involved in the conducting of both the financial transactions as well as the generations of the same.

In the present scenario, the cryptocurrencies have crossed the limit of $100 billion. This fact itself accentuates the reality that this aspect is no longer limited to the realms of the IT professionals. Cryptocurrency trading is gradually becoming a famous alternative of earning higher profits and substantial money on the online platform. As such, amongst all the available cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies. This has been in the trading markets since the time of 2009.

There are several traders across the world observe that cryptocurrency trading as one of the most lucrative methods of doing trading on the online platform. BTC is regarded as one of the most successful channels of doing cryptocurrency trading. Owing to this fact, there are several online trading platforms that offer the ease of doing BTC trading that suit the individual requirements of every trader.

In this article, we will be unfolding the complete details of one such BTC or cryptocurrency trading platform – IQ Option. If you are eager to know more about this one, then read this detailed review of the same.

IQ Option Introduction

In the current trading industry, IQ Option has emerged to be one of the leading alternatives out there when it comes to doing successful cryptocurrency trading. IQ Option is one of the simplest and highly user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platforms that aims to offer its high-end trading services to the traders of all trading levels. Being one of the most popular options out there, this trading platform is equipped with some of the most advanced charting options. In addition to this, there is also the presence of some of the most lucrative financial assets, a highly reliable trading environment, several helpful trading instruments & tools, and so more – all under one roof with this trading platform. The regulatory status of the IQ Option trading platform along with its popularity plays a significant role in the continued fame of the trading broker amongst the available categories of the traders who are present in the trading scenario.

IQ Option Overview

IQ Option is a Europe-based specified cryptocurrency trading platform. This is a highly legitimate trading broker that focuses its concentration on offering a wide array of cryptocurrency trading options & products to the traders out there. You can find the traders from all over the world on this trading platform. IQ Option tends to be a highly reliable and verified trading company that has always prominently featured itself in the trading markets. This is because of the vast exposure of the trading platform in the trading market and its immense market penetration. There are several trading companies and firms that tend to replicate the successful trading strategies of IQ Option. However, IQ Options still remains at the top as it keeps innovating and evolving to keep itself abreast of the ongoing market changes and the ever-changing needs of the global traders.

The IQ Option trading company operates its transactions & activities from Limassol, Cyprus. This is a European country and forms a fundamental layer in the EU (European Union) & in the European Economic Area Agreement. Cyprus serves as a home to several leading & major financial companies in the world, especially in the market of cryptocurrency trading. This place is particularly famous for the presence of the some of the most popular companies that deal in CFD brokers and Forex trading markets. All the financial organizations that are currently operating from Cyprus need to be regulated under the CySEC (Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission). This trading fundamental derives its operational framework and policies from the EU (European Union) markets under the MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Derivatives).

Though IQ Option might be operating primarily from its headquarters located in Cyprus, this famous trading broker has also set up multiple satellite offices across different regions of the world. You can find a registered office of IQ Option is some of the leading trading locations across the world. This fact proves the reliability and legitimacy aspects of the IQ Option trading platform. One of the chief offices of IQ Option is also located in Seychelles. Seychelles happens to be a tax haven for most of the leading organizations in the world. This place offers highly lucrative investment opportunities to the leading financial companies across the world like the famous cryptocurrency & binary options trading companies. However, it must be noted that the regulation imposed by EU (European Union) is highly sufficient to ensure the verification of the authenticity of the given trading platform.

IQ Option trading platform is currently owned by the IQ Option Company Group. This company goes by the official name as “IQ Option Europe” that is present on the European continent. The IQ Option trading company had been established in the year 2013. Since then, the company has risen up rapidly to become one of the most trusted trading portals present out there. In the recent global estimates of the year 2016, this trading company has received over 14 million new trading accounts. In addition to this, the company has also proved highly successful in making profitable financial transactions of around $11 billion in terms of volume on a monthly basis when taken on average in the year 2016. The trading company also claims to be processing over 3 million trading orders on a daily basis. This number sounds to be a reasonable value owing to the fact that there exists more than 14 million live accounts with this trading platform in the current scenario.

IQ Option has marked its presence in over 178 countries of the world. In addition to this, the trading company has also received several awards & recognition owing to its high reliability and excellent trading services. The company went on to receive the “Best Binary Options Broker” award in the recent times. In addition to this, the trading firm also received the highly prestigious “Best Binary Options Platform” award. These awards have been presented to this trading platform at multiple award functions. IQ Option has received over 12 distinct & highly reputable awards in the field of trading. It also has a record of several reputed recognitions to its brand name. As such, IQ Option has become one of the most highly awarded trading platforms out there that has ever been presented. Owing to this fact, you can be assured of the reliability and legitimacy of this high-end trading platform.

Overview of Tradable Assets & Financial Trading Instruments of IQ Option

It was in the recent times that IQ Option has announced its major decision of increasing the total number of the available financial instruments & tools for the effectiveness of trading by the global traders. In the present scenario, the trading platform is offering up to 70 unique financial assets in total. However, the trading company also makes its plans to extend the overall count of the trading financial assets. This will be done from the individual financial trading markets to taking the existing number beyond the mark of 10 million. IQ Option also extends its proposal of including up to 7845 stocks, 188 Forex pairs, 4288 ETFs, and many others in the upcoming times. In addition to these assets, the company also aims to be offering multiple indices, stocks, commodities, and various other options for the ease of trading by the global traders.

Here are some of the most famous and widely traded financial assets that can be found on IQ Option at the present time:

  • CRYPTO CURENCIES: At IQ Option you can trade all the major crytocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherum (ETH). IQ Option is one of the early adpoters in cryptocurrency trading.
  • Stocks: The available list of stocks with IQ Option trading platform include Twitter, Yandex, Alibaba, Apple, Baidu, Facebook, Cisco Systems, Google, Microsoft, Oath, Intel, Snap Inc., AIG, Tesla, Amazon, Nintendo, Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup, Coca Cola, McDonalds, JP Morgan Chase, Nike, Morgan Stanley. The traders have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of the available stocks with IQ Option to maximize their overall profits with this trading platform.
  • Commodities: Silver & Gold. The traders can choose anyone out of these to do trading with IQ Option.
  • Indices: IQ Option also offers a wide array of lucrative indices for the overall profits of the traders. Some of these include DFMGI (Dubai), Bitcoin, Hang Seng, TelAviv-25, ETHBTC, IOTUSD, XRPUSD, BTCUSD, LTCUSD, DSHUSD, ETHUSD, LTCBTC.

This can serve as a great news for the traders that this trading broker has also made a decision to increase the overall market exposure in the recent times. This will be achieved by the addition of several new assets and new trading markets in the given trading platform. This will eventually be of great benefits to the larger group of traders & investors who would be willing to earn higher profits with IQ Option. IQ Option trading platform serves to be relentless towards improving its current efforts in maximizing the credibility in the trading markets. This serves to be a healthy sign for the traders out there as IQ Option is entirely dedicated towards the refinement of its high-end trading services as well as products that it will be offering to the available traders.

IQ Option Trading Platform Fees, ROI Analysis & Payouts

When you start trading with IQ Option, you can be convinced of all the reliable methods & strategies of trading. There is no circumstance under which the traders or the clients of IQ Option would need to pay any kind of cost or additional fees for doing trading with this trading platform. This is highly unlike the various other CFD or Forex trading portals that usually charge a certain amount of fees while asking the traders to begin their trading activities. IQ Options also offers a high-end trading service that involves only two participants of the trading markets. The trading broker provides a lucrative option to the clients or the traders which allows them to put or call some option with a predefined expiry time. In the end, it will be up to the particular trader to consider investing in the trading market or to refrain oneself from doing trading. Once the particular trader has made the decision to put some investment in the given trading market, then there could be two possible results: lose or gain of money. As such, the totally free of cost concept of IQ Option serves as a great add-on on its list of lucrative trading products & services.

The trading platform also offers a great number of assets and options to the traders out there. This allows the traders to do effective trading in any trading market of their choice. Even the payouts of the trading tend to be different as per the trading market and the market condition. IQ Option is known for offering a maximum value of the ROI at around 92 percent on particular trading instruments. However, on the overall basis, the payouts offered by this trading platform usually come to around 65 percent to around 90 percent on an average basis.

The minimum deposit amount with this trading platform is $1. This happens to be the least-ever value offered by any cryptocurrency trading platform in the trading industry. Similarly, the traders are allowed to invest a maximum investment of $5000 as per their trading needs and requirements. The maximum limit of investing money in this trading platform that is $5000 might seem a bit high. However, one can analyze the difference in profits after investing this amount in the trading platform.

IQ Option Trading Platforms & Trading Conditions

The trading conditions offered by IQ Option are not completely different from what are offered by most of the trading brokers out there. For example, IQ Option tends to follow the traditional low/high trading concept on a general basis. This trading concept is usually divided into Turbo as well as regular trading options. In addition to this, you might not find many trading products or trading options with IQ Option while doing trading. Even after these shortcomings, IQ Option aims to offer a complete diverse range of alternatives & trading services which are aimed at increasing the overall flexibility of dong trading with this trading platform. It offers a wide collection of trading tools & instruments to the traders. As such, this trading platform becomes one of the topmost choices of the traders when it comes to earning maximum profits.

To make it highly simpler for the traders, IQ Option has also developed and designed a completely user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform or software that can be downloaded & installed on the systems of the traders. This functionality also aims to offer a complete range of highly customizable options for the traders as they do effective trading. The trading interface of IQ Option is available for multiple devices and systems like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and so more. The trading platform offers both desktop as well as smartphone trading interfaces for the ease of use by the global traders. As such, this trading platform aims to cover the entire trading market in a successful manner. The primary aim of this trading company is to offer highly convenient trading options & solutions to the traders who happen to be on the move always.

The trading solutions offered by IQ Option for the desktop users include various high-end trading options like customized trading dashboard, advanced individual charting options, a complete suite of high-tech trading tools & instruments and so more. These instruments & tools are aimed at helping the traders in making the best utilization of the various kinds of available trading resources in the trading market. The IQ Option trading platform is famous for offering a complete premium feel to the global traders. Therefore, it is one of the most technical & advanced trading platforms that might be available I the trading market in the current time.

IQ Option Mobile Apps

The main disadvantage of most of the desktop-based trading platforms is that these need to be used only through the desktop system using some reliable Internet connection. Normally, most of the common trading platforms offer only web-based trading solutions to their traders. However, IQ Option aims to differ from the rest in this aspect as well. It aims to offer high-end mobile trading solutions in addition to the desktop-based trading alternatives. In case a particular trader is not able to access the desktop system or does not have reliable Internet connection on the desktop, then he or she can trade effectively through the mobile application that is offered by IQ Option. Now the smartphone as well as the tablet users are able to access the IQ Option trading platform on their individual devices with much ease.

IQ Option mobile trading is one such unique feature offered by this trading platform that aims to facilitate effective trading through the dedicated apps that are specifically meant for the mobile devices. These apps are individually developed for the systems like iOS and Android. These apps can be downloaded on the individual device that supports the same. Using the apps, the traders can do successful trading with IQ Option from anywhere & anytime.

IQ Options understands the importance of mobile trading in the currently high-tech world. This is the reason why the company went on to launch the excellent mobile trading services with the help of highly user-friendly mobile apps that offer the ease of comprehensive access to trading market.

IQ Option Trading Prerequisites

IQ Option aims to cater to the basic requirements of the traders by analyzing their individual needs in a perfect manner. On a general basis, the IQ Option trading platform might require the traders to make an initial deposit of around $100 to $500 on the basis of one’s trading requirements. This is expected in case the trader is willing to chip in some good amounts in order to earn higher profits. However, on the other hand, the IQ Option trading platform also allows for the minimum deposit of $1 which is the least value available there.

The trading broker has also mentioned its minimum withdrawal amount to be as low as $2. This is least amount of money that you will be able to withdraw from any trading platform out there. For supporting such low amounts of payment options, the trading platform allows the traders to deposit as well as withdraw the same using various online payment methods. These might include the famous methods like PayPal, Neteller, WebMoney, Skrill, and so more. The traders are also given the option to make the required depositing of the amount using their individual MasterCard or Visa debit & credit cards.


In the current scenario of effective cryptocurrency trading, IQ Option is one of the most famous and reliable alternatives out there. There is nothing fishy or fraudulent that you can find with this trading platform. Having a massive client base, the trading portal is winning hearts of the global traders with its high-end trading services and high-tech trading tools & instruments. The number of positive aspects tends to outnumber the negative aspects of this trading platform. Therefore, if you are considering higher profits in cryptocurrency trading, then IQ Option is one of the most reliable trading solutions for you. Have a great time trading with IQ Option.

Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk