The industry of cryptocurrency trading has been gaining impetus in the recent times. There are several reasons for the cryptocurrency industry becoming famous as of now. It offers the claims of higher profits in a shorter span of time. Moreover, there is more flexibility offered in cryptocurrency trading than in comparison to other forms of trading. In addition to this, there is no involvement of physical currency in the scenario of trading with cryptocurrencies. As such, more individuals from across the world are adopting the means of trading with cryptocurrencies.

Owing to the high rise in demand for cryptocurrency trading, there arises a need of top-notch security while dealing with some well-capitalized organization or firm that has become a part of a major conglomerate operation or activity. When you need such high-end security while trading, offers you the same. assures the delivery of high-end protection for your safer cryptocurrency trading. Moreover, this trading platform is also known for offering one of the major selections of the trading investment assets in the given industry.

History & Background of

The main focus of this trading portal is on the available currency pairs. However, there tends to be the presence of over 300 CFDs that aim at appealing the interests of the traders. The cryptocurrency trading portal has risen out of the parent firm as Leadcapital Markets Ltd. This firm is a Cyprus-based company that also owns several other trading portals & organizations like Excellence Option,,,, and so more. Leadcapital Markets Ltd. is currently working on the consolidation of the operations of –another trading platform under the name of the brand Therefore, the company is striving towards making its global powerhouse as the FCA, the CySEC, and several other European organizations. This will be done under the brand of the MiFid which offers regulatory oversight of the parties involved in this industry.

The wide assortment of the currency pairings which are supported include the minors, majors, and some other as well. There are 55 currency pairings in total with this trading platform. However, if you would like to invest or trade with some other market, particularly the one that is present in the geography of your region, then you might definitely find the same amongst several other 312 CFDs that are present there for bonds, stocks, commodities, and indices.

As it is quite typical in the trading industry, there is the presence of 3 types of trading accounts. Each of these account types is dependent on the deposit balance of the individual traders. Each of the accounts also includes higher benefits when you would trade in them. However, all of these come with some dedicated manager of the account, proper support for training, and also a free demo account that lets you trade with an initial amount of $100,000 in the form of virtual cash. All of these parameters can be used by the traders for honing their effective trading strategies before they go on to put any form of real capital to potential risk while trading.

The traders can also consider the upgradation of their account from the basic one. This will help them to receive multiple free trading signals in the form of SMS as well as some type of premium support while trading. If you are aware of the Metatrader4, then you can start trading with almost instantly. You can also try out the Webtrader version of this trading platform. The best thing about this trading portal is that there is no need to download the Webtrader version of the trading application. The trading application also supports mobile trading. Thus, you can trade with much ease by sitting at the comfort of your home. Each of the asset selection will be having its own spread as well as leverage characteristics. You can find the details of each one of these on the official website of the

When you trade with, the safety of your depositing is also ensured. This is achieved because of the regulatory compliance system of this trading firm. The account balances of the clients are usually segregated from the main operational capital in some of the significant international banks for ensuring the peace of mind and safety of investments. The presence of national investor security programs also ensures top-notch protection in case of the issue of any type of corporate liquidity. The cryptocurrency trading platform also has the presence of abundant resources as well as materials that might be needed for completing the overall package. In addition to these, there are also essential state goals of the management team for offering the best support in terms of trading education, selections, training, and so more –all under one roof.

When you have as your reliable trading platform, there is no need to put your investment anywhere else. can be defined as the trading name of the company Leadcapital Markets Pvt. Ltd. –a leading investment company which is regulated and authorized by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) under the license number of 227/14.

Salient Features of the

If, as a trader, you are skeptical about where you should start your trading in the cryptocurrency industry, then here are some of the salient features of that might convince you to go with this particular trading platform. Here are some of the most important features of that might entice you in the first place:

  • The trading platform was established in 2009. It has its headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • The deposit amount of the client is assured of top-notch safety from any kind of breaching or theft. The safety is assured by the segregation of the Top-Tier banks. This is also ensured by the Cyprus Investor Compensation Program.
  • The minimum deposit amount needed by the is only $100 by the investors.
  • If you wish to know about some of the attractive offers and bonus promotions, then you must keep checking their official website on a regular basis. This is because this trading portal presents a series of lucrative offers and bonuses on a frequent basis for its traders.
  • There are 3 categories of trading accounts offered by the trading platform. These are the following:
    1. Classic Accounts: This is the most basic type of trading account. In this trading account, the traders are given the freedom to deposit an amount of $100 to $2,499 on the basis of their comfort and budget.
    2. Standard Accounts: This account allows the traders to invest a depositing amount ranging from $2,500 to $9,999.
    3. Premium Accounts: This is one of the most lucrative account options offered by this trading portal. It allows the traders to do an investment of $10,000 and above.

    If you wish to avail the facilities of premium support and SMS signals, then you can invest in the Standard as well as in the Premium accounts. These features do not apply to the Classic Accounts.

  • All the trading accounts with this trading platform include a dedicated manager of the account. Moreover, these also offer the unique free demo account facility wherein you can invest a virtual cash of worth the amount $10,000 with the trading portal.
  • cryptocurrency trading platform also provides support for mobile trading, Metatrader4, and Webtrader.
  • The asset choices or selections in the present scenario round off to 367 in total. These include all the crypto currency pairs (55), bonds (5), stocks (260), commodities (18), and indices (29). Thus, the traders have several options to choose from while they wish to earn maximum profits in their trading journey with this trading portal.
  • Leverages and spreads offered by the trading platform are highly competitive. However, these tend to differ on the basis of the assets as well as on the pricing mode that has been selected by the particular trader.
  • The opening of the trading account with will be offering the access to a wide array of support as well as advanced training materials. These materials and resources are designed for the different levels of the traders with this trading platform ranging from basic to standard.
  • The official website of the trading portal is available to be read in as many as 19 languages. As such, this is a major cryptocurrency trading portal that allows the global traders from different corners of the world to do successful trading with the same.
  • The excellent customer service support offered by this trading portal can be reached out by the traders through live chat, email, or even calling. The trading portal offers its toll-free number that can be connected through direct lines that are offered in as many as 30 distinct countries.

Leverage & Spreads of

The spreads offered by this trading platform tend to vary on the basis of the type of asset selected by the traders. It would also depend on the pricing mode that has been assigned to the particular trader to his or her account. For instance, the currency pairing of EUR/USD with the spread of Bid/Ask could be as low as 2.2 pips for the given floating mode. Similarly, for the fixed pricing, it could be around 3 pips. The leverage of the is handled in the similar fashion. This is done primarily to put restrictions on the risk exposures of the traders. The forex pairing that comes with high liquidity tends to commence at 200:1. However, for the exotics, it can also fall to as low as 25:1. If you wish to know about the complete details of the leverage as well as spread characteristics of this trading platform, then you can visit the official website.

The Trading Platform of

The trading platform has been elected to run in collaboration with some of the major trading series of the Metatrader4 – which is downloadable and follows the platform protocols. However, if, as a trader, you tend to prefer the online version of the trading platform which would require no separate downloads and for the ease of mobile trading, then you can also check out the fully updated, online version of this trading platform known as the Webtrader version of the platform. When you would visit the official website of, you can find the listing of the benefits of both the version of the trading portal.

To ensure the top-notch security of the trading by the traders, the particular trading platform also makes use of the latest 128-bit technology. By using this high-end technology, the trading platform is able to encrypt all the activity data of trading as well as all the personal information of the traders that are submitted to the organization at the time of verification of personal identity. Thus, as a trader, you can also be convinced about the safety of your trading transactions and personal information.

Deposits & Withdrawals System of

When you would be trading with cryptocurrency trading platform, you can be benefited with the ease of depositing and withdrawing your profits almost instantly and seamlessly. Banking wire transfers and credit cards are the primary methods that are usually used for moving funds within the trading platform. In addition to this, the organization also provides support to several other alternatives of local payments like the Safeguard, Skrill, and Neteller. If you wish to know about more fund transfer methods, then you can visit the official site of the trading portal. The requests for withdrawals are handled by this trading platform quickly. However, these allow for certain time requirements of the payment intermediaries.  You must ensure that you have mandated the verification of your identity on an international basis. You must mandate the documents on file and in particular order. Otherwise, you might encounter some delay while asking for the withdrawal of your investment amount. The deposits made by the clients are also highly safe. This is achieved through the segregation from the operational capital in the international Top-tier bank accounts. The Cyprus Investor Compensation Program offers further safety and protection of around 20,000 Euros.

Support for Customer & Beginners

The reputation for the support offered by this trading platform is quite high. The customer support representatives of the are highly eager to serve its customers during all the operational hours of the market. The support facilities of the trading portal are available 24X5 every week. The customer support facility is available through live chat, telephonic conversation, email through which you can access the representatives of this trading broker. has gone some extra mile by offering the facility of offering toll-free phone lines directly in as many as 30 countries for the convenience of the users. The trading portal has also made its official website readable in as many as 19 different global languages. This offers the ease of trading from the various corners of the globe. The trading portal also offers extensive supporting materials for the different levels of the traders. Whether you are a beginner or a professional cryptocurrency trader, you can trade with much ease with this trading portal.

The topics of trading with tend to vary significantly for ensuring the analysis and for the strategic development from the basic levels of trading to advanced levels. At the same time, the SMS signals and the daily trading market commentary for higher trading account classifications would prepare you for the daily market action of each day.

Additional Features

There are several additional features offered by the cryptocurrency trading portal. Clients at the are given the freedom for trading in a wide range of trading commodities & instruments. You can trade with trading precious metals like Silver & Gold, sugar or wheat, significant indices like the FTSE, NASDAQ, NIKKEI, multiple international stocks, bonds, and CFDs. This trading portal charges no commissions on CFD trading as well as margin requirements which are as low as 2-5 percent. Even the spreads on the CFD instruments are equally tight.

This trading portal offers the traders a great opportunity for diversifying the portfolio on the bond markets on global platforms. There are no fees or commissions and even the leveraging characteristics is around 1:100. When the forex trading is concerned with this trading portal, the customers can choose for trading with either floating spreads or fixed spreads.

One of the most significant features offered by is the rollover. This is referred to as a situation that tends to apply only to the overnight trades. This condition involves the interest paid or gets deducted from the open positions. The trading currencies in this trading portal always include two different currencies that come with their individual rates of interests. While buying the currency that tends to have a higher rate of interest than the sold currency, the interest is received usually by the trader. However, when the particular currency gets purchased with a lower rate of interest than the sold currency, the trader is responsible for paying out the interest amount. As such, the money is deducted from the respective account of the trader.

Education Materials

When trading education or training is concerned, stands at the top with an array of trading tools & equipment along with several productive infrastructural materials. These resources are aimed at helping the traders make intelligent, educated decisions.

One of the most vital tools that is offered by the is the trading signals. These signals are responsible for tracking the rapid fluctuations that occur in the market trends. As the trading portal tends to be powered by one of the leading signal providers, Trading Central, the traders of the portal get signal alerts for marketing the movements with the help of easy to follow & execute up & down arrows. This opportunity is available exclusively to the account holders of Trading with a deposit value of minimum $2000. also offers an exclusive and extensive library of the online tutorials in the form of videos that can help to enhance the skills of the traders. The tutorials available on this trading portal are for both CFD and FX trading. These are geared for helping the traders towards maximizing the potential of their success in the global market. These tutorials also offer expert support and guidance to the traders who have different levels of experience in cryptocurrency trading.

The ebooks that are available on this trading portal offer a great treasure of trading strategies and instructions. Even the starter guides offered by this trading platform are highly concise and clear. These are loaded with several practical tips that can be implemented directly from the very first trade itself.

Another vital characteristic offered by the is the Global Financial Calendar which is a significant tool for all the traders out there. This helps by listing the events of the major days on an hourly basis in advance that will be important in shaping the varied market movements. The calendar is responsible for presenting and explaining the major events that might be taking place in the trading market.

Conclusion has definitely made its impressive mark in the international scenario of the global forex as well as CFD brokers with the help of its extensive offerings, assets, excellent support, and highly competitive pricing. The regulatory compliance of this trading platform is also extensive. There are further evidence that imply that the organization is completely dedicated to gaining the faith of the customers and retaining the same. Even the management team of this trading portal is committed to offering a high level of service that has been claimed by the official website of this trading broker.

Have fun trading with!