How to Conveniently Play Online Casinos with Cryptocoins

Have you come across the word “Bitcoin Casinos?” If yes, then it could be that you have been an online gambler for a while else, you are not different from a novice. Bitcoin casinos became prominent few years ago. This started as an underground way for players to bet on casinos to sports games. As time went by and with the acceptance of Bitcoin as a legal means of exchange, many established online casino providers decided to accept Bitcoin as a means of enticing customers through their doors.

The widespread acceptance of Bitcoin as a digital currency has championed a new economy, which will flourish in corresponding to the current traditional currency. With the popularity of Bitcoin transaction increasing, this has enabled a new platform for lotteries, gaming, and gambling through online Bitcoin casinos. For novice of Bitcoin gambling, this article will help you in understanding what Bitcoin casinos are all about, also stating the various advantages you may experience. Towards the end of this piece, we will share casino games for US-based players.

What are Bitcoin casinos?

In spite of the numerous casinos, only a few do allow online transaction using Bitcoins. Others offer Bitcoin as a supplementary currency while adding traditional currencies such as the US dollars. Online casinos that offer gambling and other money-based games using bitcoin are on the rise. Bitcoin casinos can be operated throughout the world; however, they are meant to be subjected to local laws. Casinos offer different alternatives for its players through bitcoin transaction to gamble their money on the following:

  • Gambling games
  • Casino games
  • Online lotteries
  • Sports based betting
  • Spread betting

How Bitcoin casinos work

At the center of any gaming business or online gambling is software. This is also true regarding bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin casinos with large user bases develop their gaming software according to what they want. For bitcoin casinos with smaller user base, a rented or purchased version with little customization is all that is needed. With a little human intervention, this software controls and runs the games. The software stands as a table dealer for those requiring human players. What the software does is conducting the game.

Many challenges are faced by bitcoin casinos concerning the fairness of the operation of the software. This is the reason why many online casinos try as much as possible to explain the working process of the software

Why bitcoin casinos not yet approved

The transaction of online casinos using traditional currencies has certain restrictions. Disbursement of funds using traditional currencies enables the tracking and identification of individual players, dealers, and operators of casinos. In the case of bitcoin casinos, this is different.

The auditing and verification process is a major challenge because of the digital nature of bitcoin transactions. For instance, when playing an online game, what is the assurance that the card shared was shuffled and distributed without prejudice? Considering the fact that many countries don’t allow gambling and bitcoin casinos make it is harder to control and regulate at a global level.

Advantages of using cryptocurrencies for online casinos

The feat of cryptocurrency couldn’t slide beneath the detector of gambling. The growing application of various online wallets coincided with the appearance of the gambling business. The use of digital currencies has enabled a new platform within the online gambling industry.

There are different things to look at when searching for a good online casino. You might be considering a user-friendly website or mobile-friendly one. You may even be checking the available games or your favorite games. Other things to consider may include the acceptance of bitcoin as means of payment.

Using bitcoin in online gambling has brought undeniable benefits making it ideal for most businesses. The following are some important advantages of cryptocurrency for online casinos

  • Anonymity: Every transaction using cryptocurrencies is completely secret. The only information necessary is the address of the wallet from where the currency is transferred to. Because E-wallet owners are listed under assumed names without any specification of identification data.
  • No double conversion: Double conversion occurs mostly in traditional currencies. For instance, if a particular player wants to make a bet in euros and the platform uses US dollars conversion is inevitable. Nevertheless, in the case of cryptocurrency, this is different as nothing as the double conversion is necessary.
  • Transaction speed: Because cryptocurrency transactions take place within a decentralized environment, the funds goes from the owner’s wallet directly to the account of the operators bypassing any mediators. There is nothing as third party and banks don’t check the transaction. This makes the operation as fast as possible.
  • No commission: Since cryptocurrencies don’t go through banks, there is nothing like commission fees. This minimizes any form of expenses for users. With this, online gamers are able to cut cost on the purchasing game credits and the rest.
  • Likelihood of checking payment history: Blockchain conducts all records of the transaction. In the event of misunderstandings, parties involved have the opportunity of checking the data on such operation.
  • Wallet security: The security of the owner’s cryptocurrency is guaranteed. Without a password, hackers can’t have access to steal the funds. If hackers have access to the online casino database, your funds are secured while the administrator’s funds are stolen. All you need is to have your bitcoin safely kept in an offline hardware wallet where unauthorized access is impossible.
  • Accessible globally: Using cryptocurrency, players can participate fully in gambling from any part of the world. This includes areas where gambling is illegal. Since fund dispensing is not under the control of any government or bank, it is difficult for anyone to restrict your access.

The biggest Bitcoin win in gambling history

Within a weekend of frantic gambling, a single Internet high roller took about 11,000 Bitcoins home. This amount is equivalent to $1.3 million at the time but currently worth over $72 million, using the current value of bitcoin which is over $6600 per coin at the time of writing this 2017 november. Known as Nakowa within the online platform, he made a profitable casino into a loser in a single night. The mystery still unsolved is how this individual was able to cheat the system. Alternatively, was it merely mother luck on his side?

He was the first person to have ever won such huge amount in gambling in Bitcoin history. Just the thought that he is a millionaire overnight could deter him, he continued betting high.

A European-based cyber casino, offered a set of dice games, which is played for the digital currency of the time, Bitcoin became a roller coaster ride. Nakowa began his gambling activities on a bad foot with losing streak that amounted to making the casino richer than it has been. This caused the website to arrive at its biggest single profit in all time, which is 7,000 Bitcoins. This is according to multiple witnesses.

Nevertheless, the fearless Nakowa never gave up as he continued playing. On a Monday morning, the hand profit of was totally erased. Currently standing at 2,000 Bitcoins ($13.37 million) in red is sinking deeply only waiting to be reloaded by its saving account, which is valued at $5.6 million.

One of the observers who recorded the public bet log of the site showed how Nakowa began with $111,000 in losing streaks before eventually winning in a single bet. The website was founded in June 2013 by an unidentified developer known as “dooglus.” Within its first month of operation, about 429,600 bitcoins were staked amounting to $38 million then, which is roughly $2.8 billion today.

The website has numerous features, which contributed to its popularity. With highly functional games, the gambling is quick and simple with a provably fair system. The site isn’t meant only for gamblers as it tries to attract investors. Investors have the opportunity of keeping any losses or profit made on their Bitcoins.

Best Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Casino websites enable everyone to have a feeling of the fun and excitement offered by online casinos. There isn’t much different between Bitcoin casino with the standard online casinos with the only difference being the currency used and how things are handled. Are you considering bitcoin casinos? Well, we have reviewed three of the best Bitcoin Casinos for you that are available online.

If you are looking for one of the foremost online gambling sites that allow the use of cryptocurrency, is one of such. It’s a casino run by people with over 20 years’ experience in handling various online and brick and mortar casinos all around Eastern Europe.

The team claims of leading the way and revolutionizing the cryptocurrency gambling industry. According to their “About Us” page, is both created and maintained by top software developers. As if this isn’t sufficient, they also boast of offering the “best, most secure, and most innovative games” for both novice and experienced players. Additionally, they accentuate how their commitment is in satisfying the needs of their players through the adaption of newer technologies.

Key features of

  • Stress-free registration
  • Wide selection of games including, Greedy Goblins, Gold Diggers, Betsoft, EGT, Royal Reels, etc.,
  • Wonderful live games
  • Responsive games on tablet and mobile
  • Multiple cryptocurrency support
  • Proprietary gaming software
  • Maximum payout and withdrawals
  • Sign up bonus and promos
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Low minimum deposit and withdrawal at 1 mBTC
  • 100% first deposit bonus up to 3 BTC
  • 24/7 customer support through chat, email, and other online platforms
  • Cloudflare DDoS protection
  • Security seals and affiliations with authoritative online gambling sites


  • No phone support available
  • The text of the website is hard to read.


In a fast-paced world where things are constantly changing, online casinos is not an exemption to this change. This has brought about Bitcoin casinos with many in existence and more still to come. mBitCasino is one of the best in cryptocurrency casino gambling. They boast of flawless record of accomplishment and the best Bitcoin Casinos in the world. The website boasts of over a hundred different casino games with a choice of games and game types for your pleasure. There is also a live dealer game, which is why most people love mBitCasino.

Features of mBitcasino

  • Quick registration process
  • Over 230 games including, Dice, lottery, roulette, blackjack, live games, video poker etc.,
  • Accessible and playable anywhere from the globe
  • Powered by
  • BTC gambling
  • Play live games
  • You can play mBit on mobile
  • Good customer support
  • It is licensed.


  • 24/7 live chat
  • Trustworthy and reliable platform
  • Bitcoin transactions are done in optimal speed


  • The information on the site can be confusing
  • You need an updated Adobe Flash
  • Bonuses must be claimed physically.


Looking at it for the first time, the site is similar to other foremost bitcoin casinos you will find online. From the way the site is designed one can confidently conclude that a great deal of effort and resources was invested in it. Though the graphics look great, it isn’t short of the best bitcoin casinos you will find online. It was established in 2014. BetChain is one of the regulated and licensed online casinos that offer a different variety of games for its ardent players, from scratch cards to baccarat, slots, roulette, and horse racing. With newer games added every week, you have a reason to visit their website, which also has a blog.

Features of BetChain

  • Sign up process involves email verification
  • Over 1000 games to select from
  • Play provably fair games
  • It is mobile friendly
  • No minimum deposit for cryptocurrency funds
  • Loads of bonuses and free spins


  • 24/7 online chatting support
  • AskGamblers certificate of trust
  • Licensed and regulated
  • Supports EUR and USD payment
  • Wide collection of games with great graphics


  • Some games cannot play in mobile devices
  • No mobile app
  • Essential documents required before withdrawal if deposit is made in EUR or USD

Best Bitcoin Casino Games

Let us face it; there will be disagreement if you ask any gambler their best 3 bitcoin casino games. Every gambler has his own different temperament, which is the fact. You may prefer playing blackjack because you like counting cards. Alternatively, you may choose to play slot machines over blackjack because you don’t like thinking too much.

Nevertheless, some games are hard to avoid irrespective of the temperament of the gambler. Some may be boring while others have terrible odds. We are offering you the best three Bitcoin casinos games, if you have your own top three, don’t forget to list it. We will be glad to know. Without further ado, let us share the best three Bitcoin casino games.


This is one of the favorite games for gamblers. It is a game of decisions with your decision having an effect on your outcome. Blackjack is also a game that has the lowest house edge in Bitcoin casino. The house edge involves the percentage of each of the bets that the casino presumes to keep in a long run, which is thousands of bets. The lower the house edge the better the odd for the player.

In most situations, the blackjack is played using a single deck. In the event where more than two decks of cards are used, you can use 8 decks, 6 decks or 4 decks. The dealer with the face of the cards in a downward fashion distributes the cards to each player.

The technique of playing the game is simple. You must beat the dealer of the card with higher hands. Note that the values of each card are different. For instance, an ACE is equivalent to 1 or 11, Jack, Queen, and King are equal to 10, whereas the value of the cards facing down is the same with the remaining cards. If the value of the cards on your hand is above 21, this is called “Bus”. There is need to make a good combination of cards less than the 21 in your hand to be able to beat the dealer before winning the game.

Bitcoin Poker

This game has been in existence for several centuries. Even today, it has maintained its attraction and charm to be the favorite for most bitcoin casinos players. It comes in different versions and variants such as Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and Texas Hold’em. The normal bitcoin poker has a five card draw based game. Players who betted into such pot are given 5 cards each.

The dealer is responsible for distributing the cards. The distributions are done from the left-hand side of the dealer following a clockwise direction. This is repeated five times. Your bitcoin casino online poker works in the same fashion.

Bitcoin Roulette

This is one of the oldest games known to humanity. The game dates back to the 17th century when it first started in France. It is also called “Little Wheel”. A wheel having a ball is rolled and spun using the ball with it landing on any of the 36 or 37 numbered slots printed on the wheel. Each of these slots is painted using black and red colors. Just like other bitcoin casino games, a dealer known as “croupier” operates the game. He is responsible for managing the bettors and announcing when to stop betting.

The percentage of winning is dependent on how the player bets on those numbers. Betting on a single number gives you a maximum return of 1 to 36 while betting four numbers lessens your winning.

There are other bitcoin casinos games such as

  • Bitcoin Slot Games
  • Bitcoin Craps
  • Bitcoin Table games
  • Bitcoin Dice Games
  • Bitcoin Bingo

Casino Reviews


VegasCasino is one of the bitcoin casinos, which offers players with an excellent gaming experience. You have the option of choosing different games including Play’n Go, Betsoft, and Novomatic. All games are available by a simple click of a button with over 200 diverse casino games for your pleasure. Gamblers have the opportunity of playing the mobile casino with their tablet or smartphone devices. The government of Costa Rica is responsible for the license of the VegasCasino

There is nothing as countries and territories restriction but it is always advised to check the legal jurisdiction before playing.

Players can enjoy lots of different games according to their bankrolls, tastes, and skill levels. You have access to over 200 games including blackjack, video poker, roulette games, jackpot slots, video slots and high limit games.

Beside virtual games, you can partake in live games with wagers placed on both live roulette and live blackjack. Players must be logged in for the live game to have access to the games available.


  • Live Chat
  • No country restrictions
  • Mobile friendly
  • Accepts US players
  • SSL encryption
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Low deposit options
  • 24/7 email support


  • Live Chat is not available 24/7
  • No phone support

Bitstarz Casino

This online casino enables users throughout the world to have access to table games, slots games, and a simple bitcoin banking system. It is powered by the SoftSwiss platform, which offers players an instant play on any smartphone, computer or tablet. It has Amatic games that are similar to those of the land-based casinos such as Habanero, Ezugi, Belatra, Spinomenal, Betsoft, Booming Games and Leander Games. The government of Curacao licensed the Bitstarz Casino. The lowest deposit amount is $20, while the maximum is $4,000.

Currently, players from the United States and the United Kingdom are not accepted. Nevertheless, if you are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Slovenia, Montenegro, Mauritius, Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Austria, and Finland you are welcome to the casino.

The casino offers virtual games, live casino, and mobile gaming. Mobile gaming can be played on tablets, smartphones, and computers. Their customer service is top-notch with a provision of an online live chatting interface for its customers. This support is friendly with professional representatives all round the clock.

However, bitcoin is intrinsically secured when compared to our traditional banking systems. This casino makes use of an advanced SSL encryption to safeguard its players from getting their personal information stolen or account lost. With the guaranteed security and identity protection, you are sure to transact business without fear of compromise.


  • All round the clock live chatting support
  • Smooth gaming experience on all devices
  • Instant play
  • Allows bitcoin for quick and anonymous withdrawals and deposits
  • Secured using SSL encryption
  • Holds Certificate of Trust
  • User-friendly system
  • Distinct selections of thetable and slot games from SoftSwiss.


  • No Phone Support
  • No video pokers

Even as the way games are now played online is revolutionized because of the blockchain, one of such changes have been embraced by It is a completely new gaming site giving players the opportunity of becoming stakeholders with access to a dividend from the 3% cash back bonus. It accepts players from the United States.

It comes with different game selections for its players with access to 3D roulette games without deposit bonus. The platform offers complete transparency and 100% provably fair model. The results of the games are completely determined by a transparent random number generator. The company has decided to add other casino games in the future.

One of the prominent features of the is that it doesn’t require any registration before one can play. For cryptocurrency players, this is an enticing feature. All you need is download a plugin known as MetaMask and you can start using the Through this plugin, the interface between the game and Google Chrome is established.

A leader in the cryptocurrency based gambling sector. has three core principles – fast, fun, and fair. Since its unveiling, it has gone through the levels of other platforms providers into capturing the top spot in the gaming industry. It covers leading sports and games groups like American Football, Basketball, Darts, Bandy, Rugby, Motorsports, Ice hockey, Snooker, Cricket, Cycling, Tennis, Winter Sports, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, and Handball. It also offers its players the opportunity of placing wagers on renowned tournaments and leagues such as NFL, NHL, NBA, Soccer Italy Series A, Spanish Primera Division, English Premier League, and much more.

Additionally, it offers live betting and casino services with games including Roulette, Blackjack, Jackpot slots, Virtual Sports, Table games, Video Poker, Live dealer and Video Slots. is perfectly suited for both experienced players and beginners in the gambling industry. Players can place wagers and win from any part of the world.

Bitcoin Casinos for US players

Bitcoin is now a new method of making online payments without stress. With each passing day, it is becoming popular. Transaction through bitcoin is not only inexpensive but also fast incurring neither withdrawal nor deposit fees. Withdrawal or deposits through bitcoin are done in the same fashion as you do your e-wallet, debit or credit cards. Actually, bitcoin has become a known alternative for making payments for most US-based players of online games.

Currently, legislation regarding online gambling in the United States is a trending subject in most states. Nevertheless, many banking institutions don’t allow the processing of transactions from and to offshore online casinos.

Uptown Aces: This is part of the casinos established to accept bitcoin as a form of payment for US-based players. Currently, Uptown Aces are completely licensed as an online casino platform offering over 150 slots with tempting progressive jackpots. You have the choice of choosing between downloadable casino software and instant play.

Irrespective of your choice, you are assured of lucrative promotions and fantastic gambling experience. To begin, you need to open an account using real money. They have different payment processors such as MasterCard, EcoCard, Skrill, Bitcoin, and VISA at your disposal. Playing using Bitcoin involves the conversion of your bitcoin to its dollar equivalent. This conversion will not incur much cost like the fiat currencies do.

Silver Oak: Debuted in 2008, the Silver Oak has become a top priority for many online casinos customers. It provides incomparable gambling experience for its customers irrespective of their expertise. It uses Realtime Gaming software and accepts players from the United States.

Like the Uptown Aces, it offers a downloadable client and instant play mode for its passionate customers. Silver Oak has the following feature slots: Keno, Baccarat, and Video Poker including Poker and Blackjack variations. Astounded by the various collections of games, you have the option of depositing bitcoin apart from other ways of depositing like e-wallet, credit or debit cards. This online casino is popularly known for its diverse slot games. Nevertheless, you can find other table games along with the slots games. The Realtime Gaming, Bodog Custom and Betsoft software power it. Slots.1v unlike other online games is your one-stop mobile-friendly casino. With your tablet or smartphone, you can have access to your favorite games without moving an inch from your house.

Slots.1v also allows US-based players to partake in their chosen game. You have the opportunity of playing the all-time classics run powered by their RTG software or top-notch 3D slots using the Betsoft software platform. You have different table games with Blackjack variations, PaiGow, Poker, Craps, Video Poker, and Baccarat. You can also make a deposit via bitcoin along other standard payment platforms. If you have any issue, you can rely on their 24/7 customer service.

Bovada: Yet another online casino for US-based players that allows Bitcoins as a means of payment. For many, Bovada provides more than casino offer. With an extensive collection of poker games and sports betting, you would agree with that statement. Notwithstanding being new in the online gambling scene, its reputation is one that is solid and an online hub for US players.

With several categories of games and over 300 gaming titles, you are in for a wonderful adventure without end. Are you a fan of video slots, 3D slots or table games, you cannot miss out on the fun. Bovada accepts bitcoin as a payment while supplementing with other traditional means of payment. It accepts e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill etc.


There are many things to appreciate about bitcoin casinos if you are an ardent gambler. Nevertheless, there is still a level of uncertainty in terms of value over our traditional currency such as the Euro, Pound, and Dollar. In as much as we have seen betting names like Aristocrat and Microgaming advocating for the cryptocurrency, there are indications that it would take some years before bitcoin gambling gets to its maturity stage.

In spite of this, we still have few quality online casinos, which are regulated that offer bitcoin. There are many great places to do bitcoin casinos if you are a lover of gambling. In addition, we urge you to be cautious when playing casinos that offer bitcoin. Ensure to read reviews, look at the operator’s license, and most importantly, apply common sense where applicable.