SmartRoulette Review—is this the right cryptocurrency casino platform for you?

Today, there are a lot of different cryptocurrency betting platforms and casino games in the market. A large part of these platforms supports traditional online betting games. With these platforms, players can easily wager their digital currencies instead of the fiat one.

Nevertheless, there are a handful of cryptocurrency platforms that stand apart from the rest just because of their technological prowess. And is just one among them. Established in 2017,, or so simply SmartRoulette, is a gambling platform that is created using—a platform that offers traditional roulette with a bit of twist inside the blockchain platform making the game extra secure, more transparent, and so much reliable. Now, that is certainly an ideal combination which every player wishes to have in an online crypto gambling platform.

SmartRoulette is a full-fledged debut game that is offered by in two different varieties. The first one is provably fair roulette where bettors place the bets with ethereum and get RLT tokens, which are the digital shares of the system. These digital shares, which are similar to a cashback bonus received on every ETH winning, are only meant for those bets that are placed on the system. While the second variety is just a no-frill open roulette game that needs no deposits, registrations, and the like. While playing in the second variety, the players can even bet RLT tokens received from the platform.


SmartRoulette Industry trendsetter

SmartRoulette is surely an industry trendsetter that follows a very exclusive approach to gambling on the internet. This blockchain-based platform uses smart contracts that offer the fairest and most transparent casino games within the industry. Attractive bonuses, a robust dividend structure, and an easy-to-use interface make SmartRoulette a unique crypto-gambling platform now.

Selecting from different games

One game is what it takes for proving the ethereum-powered gaming via smart contracts that will absolutely revolutionize the entire online gambling industry. However, SmartRoulette has already had much success—and this is evident since it has launched a second 3-D roulette game with no deposit bonus and no registration.

On this gaming platform, players will easily enjoy the thrill of a thoroughly transparent gaming platform that is governed using a 100-percent provably fair model. Because of this fair model, a game’s outcomes are generated by completely random number generators. Yet SmartRoulette is pushing the envelope to further improve its products and services. That is precisely why this platform is attracting more and more players who want to take part in crypto gambling.

SmartRoulette Bonuses and promotions galore

Currently, SmartRoulette offers a 3-percent cashback bonus that is given to all the players in tokens. The bettors who are holding these tokens are entitled to all the dividends coming from SmartRoulette, or they can simply exchange them for any other cryptocurrency. Also, this bonus will be provided to all the players regardless of the outcomes of their bets. Other than this, SmartRoulette is working very hard on offering some of the best seasonal bonuses for the testers. Such seasonal bonuses will become more evident as and when the project progresses.

Then there is a brand-new win-win roulette game where players are offered a great no-deposit bonus of a whopping 200 RLTs; this bonus is meant for all those who want to test their skills. For receiving the bonus, the players do not have to make initial deposits. Whenever players enter a game in this crypto-gambling casino, they will be surely eligible for having 200 free spins that have an assured win just once they have completed all the spins.

The team that has developed SmartRoulette completely believes in giving its players a second chance; that is precisely why it offers all the additional tries should the bettors remain unsuccessful in their earlier turns. By giving them multiple chances, the players will be given a surefire chance of gaining the Game God’s status.

And that is not all—SmartRoulette offers exciting giveaways to all its players based on the game’s results. Those who are wagering much less than 160 percent are sure categorized as beginners who want to become eligible for one single chance. However, those who are wagering anywhere between 160 percent and 200 percent are advanced players who stand a chance to get 1 RLT. Likewise, all the professional players who wager from 200 percent to 400 percent will be awarded 2 RLTs. Last, the masters will always be eligible for securing 3 RLTs; and the best of rewards are delivered to the God of Game and the Devil of Game.

bonuspointsThen, there is some exciting bonus for players who are making their first-ever deposit SmartRoulette; such bettors will be eligible to earn 50 percent bonus along with 0.001 percent as a cashback irrespective of the game’s outcome. These players do not have to wager this deposit bonus as any other standard deposit bonuses.

A few unique features of SmartRoulette 

Blockchain has surely transformed the gambling game’s nature, and the smart contracts based on ethereum have taken this gaming experience to the next level. That is precisely why SmartRoulette has a lot of unique features. For example, in this online cryptocurrency casino, the players can place different kinds of bets that are similar to classic European roulette such as Split, Corner, and Sixline bets. All in all, the players on this platform will be absolutely eligible to place close to 64 types of bets on a variety of fields on just a single turn.

These bets let SmartRoulette transform the traditional European roulette by letting its blockchain’s colors shine brightly. The outcomes on each and every round are solely determined by a random number generation technique. Now, here, smart contracts will fully control and automate the payments; that smart contract’s source code is thoroughly transparent and is independently verified by a blockchain developer. Furthermore, a single result from each single gaming round will be permanently stored on the ethereum-powered blockchain. That is, the result is like a public record that is immutable and that can be audited by any developer at any time.

The most desired feature of SmartRoulette remains the absence of a specific registration requirement for beginning the game. This absence is a highly desirable feature for all the pure cryptocurrency players. With no registration process in place, the only thing that a player requires to do for using SmartRoulette is to download a specific plugin that is known as MetaMask. This plugin acts as a powerful interface lying between the game and Google Chrome, and it works just like any other plugin of this browser.

RLT token pricePlatform’s quality that is second to none

Doubtlessly, SmartRoulette is very new to the industry—but the platform has many cool tricks up its sleeves. Having so many awesome features makes this platform a better alternative to any other traditional counterparts out there. This simple-to-use platform has all the best improvements with regard to a game’s execution speed; this speed has really improved just because the platform heavily relies on advanced mechanisms to generate random numbers.

The platform has a powerful system for generating a new number in a matter of just two to three seconds. This quick number generation allows the players to play without any hiccups or delays whatsoever. Plus, while playing the game on this platform, the players will not need any additional plugins, verifications, account signups, etc.

That is not all as this system is engineered to automatically recognize all the users, and then assign them individual in-game nicknames. Further, the platform is built to identify the system from which a user was previously logged in. And with the launch of its newest version, SmartRoulette is soon incorporating powerful visuals, great sound effects, and a futuristic 3D design without any hassles.

Real house edge

SmartRoulette is a totally democratized gambling platform on the internet, and this space is governed and managed by smart contracts. Now since it is governed by these contracts, this platform has limited the human intervention in its everyday functioning.

Thanks to its revolutionary model, SmartRoulette enables the platform keeps the house’s edge to a bare minimum. As more and more players are trading RLTs and wagering on this platform, a token’s values along with its dividends improve by a pretty large margin. Every single transaction happening on the platform takes place in RLTs, and the players need to stand and win a portion of the RLTs while betting on the platform.

As more and more people are joining SmartRoulette, the RLT’s value rises; this rise, further, makes the token’s trading against a number of other digital currencies—such as litecoins or bitcoins—much more profitable than ever. Also, the dividends that are paid to SmartPlay’s community members who hold more than 1,000 tokens are calculated daily at 12:00 GMT. The smart contract properly checks the platform’s balance—and if the balance’s value exceeds 300 ethereum, then the distribution process of the dividends is automatically initiated.

The excess of ethereum balance is easily divided on the basis of the total token’s value that is held by every eligible wallet and the number of tokens that are qualified for the distribution. The divided amount is seamlessly shared with every eligible token holder and will be distributed to every wallet on the basis of the tokens held by them. Last but not least, the dividend will be deposited in the form of RLTs to all the eligible wallets that have the tokens.

Seamless payment methods and withdrawals

SmartRoulette is a game that is based on ethereums, and that is why every withdrawal or payment here will be done with the help of ether only. The transactions on this cryptocurrency gambling platform are as transparent and fast as the ethereum network allows them to be.

The withdrawals on this gaming platform are absolutely instant and fully automated; that is, every time players win, they will be eligible to have the entire winning amount transferred in one go. And this thing is not at all surprising since the gaming site is based on a pure blockchain.

Furthermore, SmartRoulette is looking forward to integrating more and more cryptocurrencies for enabling a more wholesome gaming experience for crypto enthusiasts. As and when other cryptocurrencies are added, the withdrawals and payments will be governed by similar rules.

payment methodsExcellent customer service

SmartRoulette users need not connect with customer services executives frequently because the gaming in this online casino is fully governed by transparent smart contracts and pure odds. Yet the developers and the customer service reps are always available for any comment through email 24 × 7.

On this gaming platform, the players can contact the support team at if they have any general question. Whereas, if the bettors have any questions about upcoming bonuses or promotions, then they should mail The staff at SmartRoulette is very communicative and corporative when it comes to resolving customer inquiries. 

SmartRoulette PlatformA completely secure environment

Open source is one thing that truly defines the Roulette game; that means anyone can simply look into their respective source code. So any bet that you make will be simply held within an Ether smart contract. Once the wheel is turned and a number falls, the bet will get released; this bet is released in the favor of either the player or the house.

That is, SmartRoulette platform will never ever touch the bet and can never even refuse to pay. While in the win-win variant of the game, the player is needed to deposit the funds on the platform itself. However, there have not been any complaints regarding payouts.

Pros and cons


  • The platform allows instant withdrawals and deposits.
  • Every game on this online casino platform is based on true smart contracts.
  • The players have the opportunity to earn RLT tokens while they play the game.


  • The platform allows players to play just roulette only.
  • The US players are not allowed to play on the platform.
  • The players have to buy RLT tokens.


In the ever-growing world of gaming that is based on a blockchain, the ethereum network always offers some of the best winning opportunities. And SmartRoulette is surely a pioneer in this space as it has developed captivating, exciting games that are always governed by a set of smart contracts. The games on this platform are 100 percent transparent and provably fair.

So for anyone who is looking for a pure crypto casino, SmartRoulette will be among the best bets for them. On this platform, all the concerns regarding the game’s fairness and other types of human tampering can be simply put to rest. This is a crypto gambling platform where the players enjoy their favorite casino games without any worries whatsoever.