Interested in Bitcoin Gambling? Head to Vegas Casino

Bitcoin Casino: At a glance

As the name suggests, Bitcoin casino is a betting platform that accepts bitcoins as payment type. Other than accepting, it also pays out the winners in bitcoins, just as a local bitcoin exchange site, where all currencies are issued, processed and accepted as per the latest rate of the currency on bet. The acceptance of bitcoins as a payment method is still though done in discretion by some brick and mortar Casinos, but things are getting easier and more flexible online. Among the crowd, Vegas Casino stands apart as a highly popular online bitcoin casino for the players.

Vegas Casino accepts bitcoin as one of their payment forms. It pays out the winnings in bitcoin, and accepts payment in bitcoin to initiate betting. With the availability of multiple online gaming platforms, today gamblers are allowed to wager and play casino games online, meaning they don’t have to get out of the comfort of their bed, yet can make money. As compared to brick and mortal casinos, online gambling is getting even more flexible and convenient in its gaming and payment ways. Players get more earning options as opposed to conventional betting.

Why gamble bitcoins, anyway?

With some timely moves and if you know the tricks, you can win in gambling. Bitcoin Casinos, in case you are unaware, are quite hit these days worldwide. And, Vegas Casino makes for one of the bests in the game. Launched in 2015, it made its aims and goals clear, i.e. to give a better gambling experience to the players.

vegas casinoThere has been some confusion as to wherefrom Vegas Casino is officially operating. While some say that it’s a Costa Rica registered Bitcoin casino, some say, it hails from Curacao. Well, after conducting an extensive research on the very matter, we found that its license regulator is Panama. Vegas Casino runs under the casino gambling regulations of Panama.

How is it as a platform and what are its service offerings?

Vegas Casino offers a wide range of selling points, broad choice of betting chances and games that make it the first choice of gamblers. Unlike quite a many on the vertical, Vegas Casino is offering over 300 video games, which includes Sugar Pop, Fortune Panda, Satoshi’s Secret among many others. Online casinos use some specialty gambling software to provide unique experience to the players. The benefit of using premium versions of all gambling software is that it gives high quality gambling experience to the users. Below are a few most popular gaming platforms used by the Vegas Casino:

  • Play’n Go,
  • Betsoft and,

This aside, this very online casino comes with an exciting selection of live games, especially for those who look for real thrills. If you are a Poker fan, you can play it Live, which is completely unlikely of many others available. Other traditional games include video poker, blackjack, dice games and roulettes. Being a sports lover, you can also gamble on sporting events like Aussie Rules, American Football, darts, badminton, golf, rugby and tennis as well. Vegas Casino has amazed the gamblers with its political wagering wings. It allows you even to bet on political election wins. If you guess correctly, you will open additional earning source for yourself.

Quick payments and withdrawals

If you have been gambling for quite a long time now, you must know how complicated it can get sometimes registering with online gambling casinos. However, this is not the case with Vegas Casino; it gives you an up-front registration experience. All you need is to setup a Username, choose Password and input your primary Email address to open an account with Vegas Casino. On successfully setting up the account, you can then make transactions with ease.

bitcoinUnlike a few, Vegas Casino is a Bitcoin-only casino, meaning it accepts and processes nothing else but Bitcoins. It accepts payments of as low as 1 mBTC, and the player can make the transfer using OK Pay, Neteller and SEPA. As far as payouts are concerned, it is done on placing withdrawal requests just by clicking the tab tagged ‘Withdrawal.’ However, keep in mind that there is a limit to the withdrawals. One can withdraw maximum 50 BTC a day. With Vegas Casino, you can experience the best and most advanced deposits and withdrawals processes ever.

Customer Support Desk

Vegas Casino, as heard from their players, has a full-time, very satisfactory customer support desk service. Players are allowed to demand for assistance via telephone 24/7 and can expect a quick action also. If you happen to be not so phone-friendly, do chat. Some have as well come appreciating their Live Chat support, and that was quite a surprise to many. Replies are instantaneous.

There is no denying the fact that their customer executives are polite and highly professional. Handling different queries at separate points of time calls for hands-on skill, and their happy customers are testimony to it. 

Gambling in bitcoins is easy and fast

Gambling is always enticing, but the constraint is that some have enough to invest while some are just managing their survivals. Gambling, the name itself mandates something ‘wrong’ or it is just how we all have perceived it so far. Gambling makes a world of itself with fun, profit and loss. Everyone chooses to earn, but very few could show it in the long run.

With the emergence and more acceptances of digital media, gambling got more exciting and alluring at the same time. It is no longer confined to brick and mortar casinos, more and more people are moving to online gambling casinos like Vegas Casino. Playing and earning from the comfort of one’s home is a thrilling experience. Of course, there are many more choices when it comes to choosing a casino. As you can choose which game you want to play, similarly we have options in currency to pay and play. Bitcoin makes the best choice as currency as well as payment method. Paying with Bitcoins saves you time, efforts and money as well.

Solving the puzzle – how it works?

As our society is yet to accept Bitcoins with open arms, Bitcoin gambling still looks complicated, just as the world would when seen through a frosted window pane. Many phrases have been thrown around the Bitcoin’s use, like ‘Cryptocurrency payment’ and ‘digital payment’ but what it is and how online Bitcoin gambling works exactly are to be explained yet. No fear though, as we are going to talk about it throughout this review.

There’s been much buzz around the online gambling and you too must have come across with it. What exactly this new form of gambling means, how and where can you try it and how does it help in earning free Bitcoins online, anyway? Online gambling has its own rules and outcomes. So, let’s have an insight into its mechanism.

To understand Bitcoin gambling, let’s first breakdown what Bitcoin exactly is. It’s a digital currency, first invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, an Australia based entrepreneur. It uses peer-to-peer payment method and has caught up with controversies worldwide. Having no physical actuality and transaction credentials to be traced and recorded, Bitcoin has been bashed by numerous financial specialists and economists. Or maybe they criticize it, because there are no middleman fees, commissions and any other time-consuming charges, which is very much prevalent in conventional transaction methods. This means, when you are trying out gambling with Bitcoins, you are saving a lot on fees, grey hairs and waiting time of course.

What drives bitcoin casinos?

Services that accept payments in Bitcoins offer rewards to the participants for their involvement. As a result, these services ‘mine’ bitcoins, meaning that at every 10 minutes during the payment processing, the miners are issued a small quantity of Bitcoins. Although, the process requires quite a lot of effort, however there is an easy way out too. Bitcoin casinos offer exciting bonuses to their players with additional ones for those who bag big wins. Other than this, there are always dedicated Bitcoin Exchanges through which you can buy Bitcoin online from a number of willing sellers.

casino gameAs soon as you receive your first lot of bitcoins, a bunch of benefits get immediately available to you. And, of all, the most exciting one is that all your payments can now be processed within minutes. And, this applies to buying and selling, both. Hence, while you are gambling, choose Bitcoins as this is the most versatile digital currency and fitting all the calls. Bitcoin gambling is not only good, but secure as well. There is little or no chance to go wrong for anything when you are making payment with Bitcoins. And, this is because bitcoin transactions are made anonymous, using encryption technology which is highly resistant to vulnerability and cyber-attacks. There is almost no chance for anything to go wrong as the technology makes use of language scripting.

Direct peer to peer payments

With bitcoins, one can make direct transactions. Only persons involved are “To” and “From.” There are no banks, neither any other third-party that will charge commission fees. In a nutshell, joining Bitcoin as trading and transaction unit is a pretty good deal as compared to other currencies or methods.

Most online bitcoin casinos accept payment in other currencies than only Bitcoins, but the best ones do prefer payments only in Cryptocurrency, means there will be no wait even in processing a bulk of currencies. Furthermore, no other payment method is needed since bitcoin is easily processed in a single method. Remember; follow the simpler way than trying out different stuffs. Things do not take long to become complicated.  

The fire Bitcoin Casinos have caught up time and again

Bitcoin usage has often been blemished with criticism. And, about Bitcoin casinos, many specialists say simply No to them. Beginners with minimal knowledge about how this industry evolves must not try without full-length information. There always are questions about whether bitcoin gambling is a right and legal thing to do. Should you really indulge in bitcoin gambling? To these questions, only one thing answers all – since you are not involved in any state banking system and transferring illegal money, Bitcoin gambling is not illegal.

Bitcoin, the first and most widely used Cryptocurrency has been taking the world by storm ever since its launch in 2009. No wonder then that Bitcoin is showing all the signs to take an edge over the online gambling. You better make an informed decision here – Be it Blackjack, Bingo or Poker that you choose to play, you got to stack your money right on the table. Now, while you are gambling online, you got to deposit your digital money with the casino itself. Same is true when you are gambling Bitcoin online. Basically, money is anything that has potential to be exchanged with services and goods. You can consider Bitcoin as money since it has both the attributes of money. It is an asset-class and a thing that can be exchanged with goods and services.

bitcoin trendBitcoin – precious than gold

You need money to gamble. It’s easy with bitcoins. The bitcoins you made painting the fence, can now be invested. Remember, without venting, there is no profit and you have to do it from time to time. You might not be aware that Bitcoin has astounding investment value. It has kept surpassing the value of almost every precious metal and currency in the market available ever since its inception. Bitcoin has shot past the value of Gold and Dollar; with it currently being valued at USD 8045.10 = 1 Bitcoin. (As on 20th of Nov, 2017). Bitcoin has achieved this phenomenal growth in just few years of its circulation.