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Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the most popular digital currencies that can be created & stored online. In this complete guide to Bitcoin trading, we will be discussing about some of the best Bitcoin trading platforms and strategies that can help you earn higher profits in no time.


As Ethereum tends to have the 2nd largest market cap in the cryptocurrency market after Bitcoin, it is considered to be a popular form of cryptocurrency. Ethereum is a leading Blockchain platform that comes with a cryptocurrency as well as with a smart contract functionality.


Litecoin is an open source Internet-based currency that is known for allowing instant and almost zero cost over peer-to-peer digital payments across the entire world. The Litecoin Blockchain technology is known to be able to handle immensely higher volumes of transactions.


Ripple is a payment gateway on the international medium or the medium of payment in the cryptocurrency trading platform. This trading platform operates together with the leading banks for accelerating the process of international money transfer with much ease.


Zcash focuses on maintaining the absolute anonymity behind each transaction along with the parties and the amounts involved in it. Because of its anonymity feature, Zcash is often referred to as “untraceable”.


Founded in 2013 and featured on Forbes as Fintech Rockstar, OmiseGO is an “answer to a fundamental coordination problem amongst payment processors, gateways and financial institutions”.


Tether tokens are supported by actual fiat currency assets that include Euros, USD, and soon will be supporting Japanese Yen too. In other words, you can say it is a digital currency which can convert digital currency into conventional currencies like Dollar, Yen and Euro.


Launched on January 1, 2014, MonaCoin was the crypto born in Japan. This digital currency is forked from Litecoin — unlike its parent coin, MonaCoin’s total supply is four times higher than that of the Litecoin.


Ardor – bringing scalability, security, and customization to blockchains.


SALT (Secured Automated Lending Technology) plans to change the way of traditional lending and borrowing, and break down the finfiancial barriers that people generally have to encounter when they are in dire need of money.


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