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The crypto landscape has a number of digital coins, and they are already transforming the way the world works in one way or the other. Among these notable coins is Dent. Traded under the ticker symbol of DENT, this digital coin and its respective platform have developed a very credible mobile data marketplace and app.

Unlike other cryptocoins such as RaiBlocks, Startis, Vechain, Pivx, CardanoDigibyte, DENT is the first-ever cryptocoin completely dedicated to delivering an end-to-end mobile data exchange. DENT Wireless Limited, the firm behind this digital coin, has leveraged the powerful blockchain technology to disrupt the world of telcos forever. Here is a full rundown on why this crypto project and its associated currency make so much financial sense today. 


Dent history 

People may underuse or overuse their mobile data as it has become a significant commodity. However, users have never thought of a comprehensive platform that could help them trade their mobile data. The core development team behind Dent believed that it was necessary to liberate mobile data’s. So, they developed and deployed Dent.

This crypto project is designed to change the way that users buy, use, and spend their mobile data. These days, mobile data has become a big asset, especially for the population of a number of under-developed countries worldwide. Via this crypto ecosystem, the users—regardless of where they are located—can connect with each other across a powerful blockchain-based platform. With this ecosystem, the users can simply donate, sell, or buy the unused mobile data allowances anytime, anywhere.

The coin was launched on July 12, 2017, through a crowd sale that lasted until July 26. The company behind this platform sprung out of a well-reputed Forex firm, Commando Coder Ltd., which was founded in 2014. This crypto exchange has been built to change the way international mobile data is consumed across the globe.

Dent analysis 

What is Dent? 

Dent is a fully fledged crypto exchange that aims to liberate the way mobile data works. The platform’s users will be allowed to buy or sell or donate the data through a popular Ethereum-based blockchain. The developers behind this exchange are working hard to make sure that it eventually becomes a global ecosystem for trading mobile data. 

To begin with, this exchange is creating transparent and easy data pricing. As a result, the exchange’s efficiency of purchase will be increased; just as it happens in traditional spot markets. The users of this platform will simply exchange their existing mobile-data packages for a more economical and suitable one. Such trading has become possible and easy now because eSIMs have risen in popularity. With the use of this platform’s coin, more and more people will take a step towards democratizing mobile data. 

The currency fueling this exchange is known as DENT. The actual purchase, sale, and donation of mobile data on this platform will be handled through the Ethereum blockchain. On this exchange, the data packages are loaded as Ethereum-based smart contracts. With these smart contracts in place, this ecosystem has become the first and the most reliable blockchain-based mobile-data trading platform. 

This crypto exchange has become the ultimate de-facto standard for trading different mobile data packages. In the near future, the exchange has the potential to become an important method for analyzing mobile data’s floating price across the world. Through this ecosystem, more and more end-users and telcos will easily interact in a market-driven way in order to determine the data’s existing prices. Finally, all of this will lead to increased competition, improved transparency, and the better utilization of mobile data.


Dent’s innovations 

The biggest innovation that Dent brings to the crypto world is building the next big data sharing economy—a place where users are able to freely sell, donate, and buy their mobile data from peers. In short, this is one huge peer-to-peer network where users trade with other users.

Here are the top three ways this crypto project is disrupting the telecom world across the board. 

Liberating mobile data: This cryptocoin will soon become a global currency for trading mobile data between the user community and telcos. These coins create a wide data sharing economy where every single user will be able to trade the mobile data with other users at any time. 

Disruption of international roaming: The Dent platform streamlines the process of eliminating all the costs associated with data roaming. These costs generally include expensive routing that is done between different telecom players. 

Automating mobile data purchase for the best price: This exchange even lets IoT devices and consumers to automate the buying process of different data packages. In the exchange, a user can browse through several plans that are posted by other users and operators in her/his region. 

Mining DENT coins

As per its architecture, this cryptocoin is not mineable. Instead, these coins can be bought from a number of exchanges.

Buying Dent 

As this coin is not mineable, it can only be purchased on some of the leading exchanges including HitBTC, Kucoin, and Coinrail. To buy this crypto coin, the buyers need to have Ethereum (ETH) coins in their wallets. The currency of every project that is based on the Ethereum blockchain can be bought using Ether. 

If the investors do not own ETH coins, they can trade them for USD or any traditional fiat currency. Once the wallet is set up and once it has the Ethereum currency, investors can easily buy the DENT coins.

DENT wallets

Here is a list of all the wallets that support the storage of DENT coins.

  • MyEtherWallet
  • Ledger Wallet
  • Trezor
  • Ethereum Mist DApp
  • MetaMask
  • Parity

Other than this, there is a native DENT mobile app that can be used for storing these cryptocoins. 

The Dent mobile app 

1 – This blockchain-based exchange will be managed and operated through the DENT mobile app.

2 – This app is available for both Android and iOS.

3 – Additionally, this app allows the users to use a wallet service where the coins can be stored.

4 – This app’s biggest highlight is an interface that is easy to use and free from clutter or lags.

5 – Before using the app, users will have to register their number and even get it verified.

6 – This platform will just check a user’s carrier and country before suggesting specific plans suitable for her/him.

7 – Additionally, a user may even view all peers who are available within her/his country or worldwide.

8 – Users can check their respective marketplace to know the data rates that are currently available in their immediate vicinity.

9 – Furthermore, the prices of these cryptocoins can be viewed constantly on this app.

10 – Also, based on the network’s sales, the DENT’s earnings can be checked by a user through this application.

Dent versus Bitcoin 

Bitcoin is a currency built on a blockchain—that is the sole application of a Bitcoin. However, Dent is much more than a currency; it is even a platform. Investors are particularly excited about this crypto because it is the first attempt at democratizing the entire mobile-data market and the telecommunication industry as a whole. Another difference between Bitcoin and Dent coins is that the former is mineable while the latter is not.                                         

The latest scoop on Dent 

DENT ranked fourth among the top five cryptocurrencies to invest in, in 2018 

1 – The DENT coin has been ranked among the top five cryptocoins of 2018.

2 – The project associated with Dent is the main driver of the currency’s value in the near future.

3 – This cryptocurrency has witnessed nearly 20x returns in a matter of just three months, and its prospects in 2018 look bright.

The future of Dent

Put simply, this cryptocurrency’s future looks promising just because its idea is novel and its development team is top class. The developers behind this currency and its platform are working tirelessly to make this ecosystem efficient enough for democratizing mobile data worldwide. For this reason, the team has even developed some initiatives to ensure that a large quantity of mobile data reaches underdeveloped nations that are in dire need of such a commodity.

In addition, there is a lot of potentials for a network effect to take place on this project. If and when the project reaches a critical scale, the value of DENT will reach new heights. This is what many crypto aficionados are looking forward to. 

The team behind Dent 

The crypto project was created by a team of experienced cryptographers, technologists, and entrepreneurs led by the CEO and Founder, Tero Katajainen. Other key team players comprise Mikko Linnamäki and Andee Vollmer. Based in Hong Kong, the team is passionate about using the Ethereum blockchain to push the concept of a data-sharing economy from paper to the real world. 

Dent3Summarizing Dent 

Many in the crypto landscape are excited about the future of Dent. The reason for this excitement is simple—there has not been any blockchain deployment to revolutionize the world of mobile data until Dent. Plus, the platform’s associated cryptocurrency is completely democratizing the way the world uses, buys, sells, and donates mobile data. All in all, this is an ambitious project that will disrupt the global telecommunication sector and looks set to rise in the near future.

What do you think about this crypto exchange? Will it be as big as its developers hope it to be in 2018 and ahead? Start a discussion with other crypto enthusiasts and share this write-up among the members of your trading community.

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