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What is Hcash Altcoin?

Hcash is defined as ‘a carrier of value and information for leading blockchains, enabling value and information exchange between various platforms or system’.

The origins, execution and success rate of Hcash, provide the clearest picture of how technological integration has brought change into the Crypto industry. Quite like many other cyptos as Decred, Augur, MonaCoin, and a lot more, Hshare, is a decentralized, open-source cross-platform, enabling crypto adopters to exchange data and value across multiple platforms easily and effectively. This is an ALTCOIN, a kind of crypto coin, constructed, and designed on a unique Blockchain, Hcash. In addition, it has been crafted to be a sidechain for both blockless-based and block-based blockchains.


Hcash: history

The invention of Blockchain technology facilitated the functioning of specific financial service businesses, developers and general public as well. It is a decentralized public ledger with a bagful of benefits such as 24/7 spot trading, cheaper than cheapest banking, and the eradication of third party involvement. However, there has also been a strong need for the free exchange of assets and information across various systems and platforms. According to an expert from CollinStar Capital, the benefits of Blockchain were not adequate and these equal rights of participation and access to all sorts of activities would be of no use, until free exchange was available.

Hcash was born in response to this need. The mechanism used in the creation of Hcash is actually a thin ledger that bridges the gap between blockless-based and block-based DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) systems. This mechanism further allows information and asset ledgers to be exchanged between diverse Cryptocurrencies. Branding Hcash as one of the new standard values in the crypto market, its development team launched the Hyper Cash Whitepaper which includes, but is not limited to, Hcash’s unique attributes and usage.

Brains behind Hcash and Hshare

The team behind the Hcash platform is headed up by:

  • Dallas Brooks, CEO
  • Khal Achkar, Chief Technology Officer (CTO),
  • Andrew Wasylewicz, Business Development Manager.

They also benefit from a decent list of Research partners as well, including Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU).

Although Hcash has substantial presence in China, it is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. The company was founded in 2016 and in a year, has grabbed quite a lot of international attention.

A detailed overview of Hcash/Hshare

Let’s now take a closer look at the details of Hscash. Hshare is currently ranked 24 in the list of largely used cryptocurrency and this is not trivial.

Like several other decentlized digital currencies, such as RaiBlocks, Ripple, SALT and more, Hcash is a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency cross-platform. The Hcash Blockchain system is programmed and devised on the basis of UTXO, which has further opened the door to many financial service institutes as well as general public. As a distributed ledger technology, Hcash offers promising potential for revolutionizing the ways institutions, government and, various corporate entities work. Providing the resources, streamlined facilities, and decentralized control over data and activities, Hcash is a one-stop-destination for multi-sector businesses.

The 7-Hs: key components of Hcash when it comes to revolutionizing the crypto-market.hcash features

  • The Hive: This dual sidechain is made of DAG and Blockchain systems. And is designed to allow an unhindered stream of data and value across both blockless-based and Blockchain-based distributed ecosystems.
  • The Hidden: There is no fear or risk of privacy being compromised with Hcash. Hcash integrates Zero knowledge proof technology in order to ensure bi-directional protection, thus less transmission breakdown.
  • The Hybrid: Hcash adopts the PoS and PoW model. The most obvious benefit of PoS is resources, while PoW uses a great deal of computing power and electricity during the mining. PoW provides the market with a decentralized form of digital asset. Hcash has integrated both. Additionally, with the help of the PoW+PoS Open-governance model, Hcash members will be able to participate in community-based decision-making, including updating and upgrading through the PoS mechanism of mining.
  • The Hierarchy: Dead on Arrival (DOA) regulation. Hcash holders will get to determine the utilization of the funds collected during pre-sale of tokens and main ICO, i.e. crowdfunding. They decide if it may be used in a real time dynamic voting system. Hcash’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization is the driving force behind its community, ensuring continued vitality and progress.
  • The Hard: Also called Quantum Resistance. Hcash decided to adopt quantum resistance at the beginning of its ecosystem’s design. Consequently, Hcash will become naturally expedient over other available networks, and will remain so despite the upswing of quantum computers.
  • The Haven: Hcash holders are able to exchange digital assets between private and public addresses using individual Hcash-enabled wallet or client boards. The transaction result or delivery of value across multi-platforms is generally initiated for both publicly or privately addressed coins.
  • The Handy: the exchange of digital assets with Hcash is handy and flexible, as Hcash allows its members to make transaction as many times as they need to, with limited block size, and regardless of speed and the amount being transferred.

What innovations has Hcash integrated?

The sole goal behind creating Hcash was to design a fresh, decentralized ecosystem that would link angles for all Blockchain networks, irrespective of whether they were blockless-based or block-based Blockchain frameworks. Hcash has been initialized to be used with both private and public addresses and specially attuned with the Byteball and Zcash address framework. Unlike the other decentralized digital asset management and data sharing solutions, Hcash holders enjoy the benefit of being able to encrypt their communication, on the basis of Zero Knowledge Proof technology and between clients and Hcash nodes. In addition, here are a few more innovations that Hcash in the process of integrating:

  • Decred and Dash. Hcash has partially integrated both concepts.
  • Hcash hosts Instant Open-Governance.
  • A Dead on Arrival (DOA) is the sole driving force behind Hcash’s progress, community growth, and verve.
  • The credit for the bi-direction encryption system does not belong solely to Zcash’s Zero Knowledge Proof Technology, but the deployment of Zcash to other areas requires privacy for transactions.
  • Ring-LWE-enabled public key security scheme has been incorporated, as Ring-LWE is more efficient than only LWE when it comes to running speed.

Hcash is concentrated around forming advanced technical standards and reformulating value. To go a little deeper, Hcash’s technical challenges are virtually unprecedented.

Problems being solved by Hcash

Be it bitcoin or ethereum, Cryptocurrencies use Blockchain technology while mining by creating blocks, which further hold transaction ledger to each. However, there is no way these two Blockchain can communicate. If you wish to transfer value between these two, you have to choose an exchange to walk the need. As the demand for Blockchain use grows, the challenge of sharing value between multiple Blockchain also grows. This challenge gets graver, when the investors choose currencies such as Byteball and IOTA, which do not run on Blockchain technology. These two currencies rather devise cryptography i.e. Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) in order to generate a transaction web that will be verifying each other.

So far, crypto exchange facilities and services have been troublesome as they are either slow at times or charge high fees. The only real reason for this relates to centralized authorities. The main objective behind inventing Blockchain technology was to remove the centralization of digital asset management and implement decentralization. With time, the technology has improved and been recognized as an efficient banking alternative, with significantly lower fees, and most importantly, no centralized control. But, the problems that were said to be removed with the integration of Blockchain technology are still present in certain industry areas.

Hcash plays a substantial role in solving the problem.

  • Hcash serves as a sidechain for DAG and Blockchain-enabled currencies and is developing a pair of synchronized networks – one that uses DAG and one that is Blockchain-enabled.
  • These networks will then be able to create addresses which are compatible with existing Cryptocurrencies.
  • In addition, these concurrent networks will also all users to send and receive multiple currencies to their individual Hcash Wallet.


How is Hcash different and better than other solutions in the industry?

  • A hybrid.
  • Intensely encrypted and private.
  • Bi-directional.
  • Maintains a hierarchy.
  • Quantum Resistant.

A step-by-step guide on how to set up a Hshare wallet and make exchanges

Step 1. Visit the Hcash official website and click ‘download wallet.’ Once the download, is complete, select a wallet compatible for your computer.

Step 2. As soon as it is downloaded, extract the folder on to your computer’s local drive and run the installation to open it.

Step 3. You may need to connect to the Internet to accomplish the setup via your computer firewall. Remember, you have to enable internet access for the wallet to function correctly.

Step 4. Open the wallet and start the synchronization with Hshare Blockchain.

Note: Generate a unique password to encrypt your wallet by hovering over ‘settings.’

Step 5. Enter your unique password and access the wallet.

Note: Remember, Hcash, like most Blockchain-enabled cryptocurrency wallet passwords are not retrievable. You must not forget the password, so record it somewhere safe.

Now, buy your preferred coins –

Whether you are interested in Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can buy either or both and they will exchange it with Hshare right off the bat.

Should you really invest in Hshare in the coming year? Let’s analyze its future predictions.

The market gurus say that it can prove to be a good and profitable investment/asset, but only if someone makes a long-term investment. The below chart will give you a clear  picture of the future.

Current Price1-Year Forecast *5-Year Forecast *
32.697 USD▲ 34.980 USD▲ 44.671 USD


Hshare/Hcash: At a glance

Being a digital currency, which utilizes both PoW and PoS, a combination of hybrid consensus mechanism, Hcash is quite ahead of the competition if compared with other ALTCOINs on the market.

If asked to highlight, how, and why this coin stands out, it is because of the following innovations:

  • zero knowledge proof technology,
  • enhanced privacy,
  • quantum resistance key pair scheme,
  • DAO governance pattern
  • simple to mine,
  • smart-contract enabled,
  • offers dependable transactions
  • gives access to cross-platform Blockchain-enabled payment methods.

Hcash brands itself as the best and smartest Blockchain platform ever designed.

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