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A new start-up to join crypto-arena is Populous, which aims “to be a global leading invoice financing company on blockchain.”

What is Populous?

Founded in 2017, Populous is the latest cryptocurrency invention built on blockchain technology. This is the first and only Ethereum-enabled platform, specifically crafted to address trade and invoice finance. This platform uses smart contracts, XBRL data and pegged (fixed) tokens to create an ideal trading environment for both invoice sellers and investors when trading a variety of invoices from all parts of the world through its blockchain technology.

Though this platform has a decentralized network and smart contracts, none of its operations bank on the often-volatile cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Lisk or Ethereum’s value token ether. Rather, the platform takes advantage of its custom stable tokens, known as Pokens that you can also buy with other cryptocurrencies.

Compared to other conventional methods, the use of stable digital tokens is cheaper, quicker and more straightforward, especially when it comes to cross-border activities.


Stephen Williams, founder and CEO of Populous.

He has in-depth and extensive experience in the market research of commercial data and analytics. He set up a business to conduct an analysis of market data and businesses analytics. He had also been the founder of a market financial research company that offers financial data.

In addition, other technical experts and members who made this platform possible include:

  • Zvezdomir Zlatinov, CTO/Blockchain/Smart Contract Developer
  • Jonathan Millar, Specialist Invoice Finance Risk Consultant
  • Konan Fabien Beugre, Advisor/Head of Rest of Africa, market structuring and commodities distribution Africa, at Barclays Investment Bank
  • Rayan Guotay, General Counsel
  • John Morton, Advisor/Big Data Architect
  • Luis Carranza, Advisor/Marketing Expert, Founder of Fintechweek.com 

What are Populous Tokens, Pokens?

Unlike other cryptocurences, such as RaiBlocks, Ripple, SALT, and several others, Populous has named its cryptocurrency ‘Pokens’. The initial letter ‘P’ of this crypto coin is taken from the first letter of Populous, and the token exists in-platform. The custom currency is pegged at 1:1 with the national currency involved in the business deal.

1 – Investors can deposit their funds directly on the platform.

2 – You can exchange Pokens with other types of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

3 – After withdrawal, you can also have your Pokens exchanged for any government currency, thus making it a hassle-free way of cryptocurrencies exchange that you can use from anywhere all through the world. 

How does Populous platform work?

The platform specifically targets two main types of people: invoice sellers and invoice buyers. If simply said, if you are an invoice seller, you will need to first enlist your invoices on this platform so that other invoice buyers can make a bid through it.

Since the bidding process is for 24 hours, you (as an invoice seller) will need to make a choice within the same period of time.

Types of Tokens

There are specifically two categories of tokens, PPT Tokens and Pokens:

PPT Tokens

The PPT Tokens are access tokens that you can buy from exchanges. As they are access tokens, you will need to first buy them to have an access to the Populous Platform.


This is the in-platform currency. You can use this currency to make transfers between the invoice sellers and invoice buyers.Moreover, they are pegged (fixed) to a fiat, which means that one Poken equals to 1GBP, and this is applicable to all supported fiat denominated currencies. Example: 1 Poken GBP = GBP1, 1 Poken USD = USD1, 1 Poken EUR= EUR1

You can exchange Pokens for fiat currency and transfer them to an external Ethereum Wallet.

How do Pokens function?

There are two different fronts on which the Pokens work.

1 – Inside the platform, Populous takes care of an internal ledger by keeping each investor’s and borrower’s account balanced for each currency.

2 – Outside the platform, it provides a smart contract, which is publicly accessible, for each token, executing the Ethereum ERC 20 token standard (external token contract).

The Populous blockchain is itself a blend of the RSK blockchains and Ethereum. Other technologies the platform uses include the Z Score formula, XBRL, Stable tokens, Smart contracts, and others.

The process to buy an invoice on the platform

  • Buy PPT Tokens from an exchange.
  • Convert your PPT Tokens for Pokens that you can use within the platform.
  • Bid on an invoice. The higher you bid, the more chances you have of winning the auction.
  • When you have won, you will be required to pay your Pokens to the invoice seller.
  • When the invoice is due for payment, you will receive the invoice payment.

The process is the same for sellers, with one exception – you will need to enlist the invoice and choose the bid that you would like to accept.

What real market problems the Populous system solves

1 – The system allows invoice sellers to have an endless number of invoice buyers, vying across the auction bidding system.

2 – The sellers are fully free to offer their invoice for sale to these sellers.

3 – The greater the number of buyers, the more favorable terms the invoice sellers get (ie, almost 95 percent of the invoice value or lower interest rates).

4 – The system allows buyers and sellers to buy and sell their invoices globally.

5 – The less economically established countries can buy much safer assets through this platform.

6 – The platform eliminates human errors that are normally caused when an invoice is forwarded because its smart contracts automate the majority of the process.

7 – Where a large number of existing peer-to-peer invoice trading platforms necessitates invoice buyers to be accredited investors, this system allows everyone, without implementing any restrictions on them. 


Why buy an invoice?

If you are determined to run your business without any financial breakdown, you need to choose to sell your invoices for a discount.

Example: Imagine that you have a business with a huge reserve of funds, you will need to leave that money with a bank, or you can buy invoices and thus earn profits.

If you choose to buy an invoice for $9,000, with a value of $10,000, you get $10,000 as soon as the invoice data comes. Though you might have had waited for it, you now have a profit of $1,000.

So, this how invoice trading benefits you.

The invoice trading is a big and booming industry, almost USD3 trillion per year, so you are hardly ever at a loss.

Major benefits gained through this platform

  1. Traditionally other financial institutions and banks provide such opportunities to mainstream businesses. As a result of the introduction of this platform in the cryptocurrency world, even small and mid-sized business will have the opportunity to benefit from it.
  2. Where many traditional lenders and banks charge high lending fees and require a collateral asset while offering a loan to you, here you don’t need to hold provide collateral or pay high lending fees.
  3. Where standard financial institutions refuse to lend financial assistance to small and mid-sized business, this platform welcomes them and lends them the required money when needed.
  4. Where you need the help of an intermediary to acquire loan from such banks and financial institutions, this platform completely eliminates their role by making this financial sphere an ideal place to obtain loan for everyone.
  5. This platform works on the concept of invoice trading, here invoices are offered for sale to the highest bidders, the borrowers can obtain immediate funding rather than waiting for long because the bidding process lasts for just 24 hours.

If you are a startup making slim profit margins, the option of upfront payments can do wonders for operations.


Populous is expecting that its trade-factoring market may cross USD4.4 trillion before the end of 2017. The company is also looking forward to disrupt this market as it has already planned to grow its expansion, and according to its whitepaper, it seems to be determined to allow more new players on its platform.

The company has a long list of goals to be accomplished in the near future, including demonstrating its caliber by providing higher returns to its investors.

Like other digital currencies, such as Santiment, Siacoin, Cardano, Dent, and more, if the platform succeeds in achieving what it plans to do, there is really going to be a remarkable geographical and fiscal growth for it. Just imagine how huge this platform would be if investors from all around the globe started to join it and do their invoice trading or crypto trading.

The platform is certainly moving towards great opportunities.

Populous in the media

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Want to know more?

  Official Website: http://www.populous.co
  Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitPopulous
  Facebook: Not Available
  Slack: https://bitpopulous.herokuapp.com
  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/9254295
  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/populous.co
–   Telegram: https://telegram.me/Populous
  Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitpopulous
  GitHub: https://github.com/bitpopulous
  Whitepaper: Download
  Announcements: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1866936


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