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What is Santiment?

Santiment is a datafeeds platform, which accurately represents the state of crypto markets. The company aims to establish future datafeeds for the crypto markets by being the financial market data and content platform of choice.

The platform facilitates datafeeds and content streams, such as newswires, in addition to a frequently updated database of cryptocurrency projects.



Through its crypto Bloomberg terminal, the company plans to cater to the needs of the following markets:

1 – Wealth and hedge fund managers, data vending channels, and new crypto-traders.

2 – Newcomers looking for easily accessible content that can give them insight into market trends.

3 – Data vending channels, such as exchanges (Kraken, Bittrex) and asset management platforms (Melonport and ICONOMI).

The platform, taking advantage of objective datafeeds and specifically crafted content, wants to provide its investors with an open database of projects to provide trading benefits and reduce investment risks.

The platform also gives investors a comprehensive way of recognizing and avoiding bogus or duplicate crowd sale projects.

1 – This pioneering platform has set up a market data infrastructure for crypto coin and blockchain assets.\

2 – It provides exclusive content streams, cryptocurrency-based data feeds, and an up-to-date database for reference cryptocurrency projects.

The platform equips its users with an informational edge, thus enabling them to increase profits and reduce risks.

Santiment solutions

Usable data exposes investors and crypto traders to a range of information fraud and asymmetry. In fact, there exists a dearth of verifiable information. This new and innovative platform brings solutions to these problems through its comprehensive market insights and hard data.

The company has created a range of trading tools within its crypto Bloomberg terminal that will turn systematized improvement hassle-free and easy, and at the same time provide you with market data that you hardly can find anywhere else.

Some key solutions that the company offers through its crypto Bloomberg terminal are as follows:

1 – A datafeeds platform centered around blockchain analytics and crowd sentiment.

2 – Streams of expert-curated content and aggregated Newswires.

3 – An open database of crypto projects (the Santiment Database, also known as the SANbase).

Some of this information will be free to new users, such as the curated database. As the source of free objective information, it brings new traders into the world of cryptocurrency in the most reliable way possible, while ensuring loyalty.


How does Santiment work?

1 – The company measures crowd moods and allows you to trade ideally.

2 – Every datafeed the company produces either includes or peeks through crowd sentiment, providing all the data. This way, it allows you to exploit this data for yourself.

3 – The platform creates revenue using regular subscription fees.

4 –  You can also take advantage of this token to access datafeeds and content.

5 – You can either stake it, or use it to have limited access to company’s services free.

6 – Moreover, you can also spend this token in auctions to buy the company’s most exclusive data. This links the SAN token value directly to the value of information and datafeeds produced by the company.

Santiment technology

A mobile terminal and web-terminal with third party integrations

The Santiment platform is mobile-friendly, allowing crypto traders to have access to their stream of datafeeds and insights anytime, anywhere. The mobile terminal works in two ways:

1 – It allows you to have access to an increasing library of market insights in terms of aggregated newswires and curated expert content.

2 – It allows for quick access to datafeeds and Sanbase, thus placing thorough project insight in the palms of your hands whenever you need it.

The company also offers a web terminal, which will allow for detailed analysis and low latency datafeeds. This terminal will be made available as and when more of these low latency datafeeds are included in the network.

The company has decided to integrate data backtesting and visualization tools into this platform.

The Santiment MVP aims to bring the mobile terminal to life. It is already in the testing phase on iOS and Android, and the company plans to release it as soon as it is stable and ready.


Curated streams of market insights and subscription content

1 – With the Curated Streams of Market Insights and Subscription Content, the company allows investors and traders alike to choose from a set of content streams and even customize the content according to their requirements.

2 – Each subscriber will be able to design his/her stream specifically for their trading style and needs.

Interested users can purchase these streams mainly in fiat currency. Below are a few examples of prospective curated streams:

  • Token sale analysis.
  • Economic structures and market size research.
  • Project due diligence and team analysis.
  • Regulatory updates country by country, and many more.

Sentiment datafeeds

Since Santiment is based on “sentiments”, it first aims to be centered around “sentiment datafeeds”. The company wants to acquire these datafeeds through two methods:

  1. By creating the feeds and/or having them designed according to its specifications.
  2. By partnering with current data creators to bring their datafeeds to Santiment.

These datafeeds can comprise, but are not confined to:

  • Fear and Greed Index.
  • Volatility Index.
  • Momentum Index.
  • Accumulation Indicator.
  • Slack signalers.
  • Trollbox Sentiment Indicators, and many more.

The company intends to introduce the most useful and diverse range of crypto-sentiment datafeeds in the world.

Blockchain-based datafeeds and analytics

Another important kind of datafeed is the cross-blockchain datafeed and analytics, which allow subscribers to monitor activity across multiple networks. It also lets them check out other activities like track whale addresses, transaction volume, transfer frequency, and much more.

With a view to setting up these tools, the company has decided to collaborate with current blockchain explorers.


Crowd sourced datafeeds

Right after the completion of their mobile terminal, the company will also experiment with crowd sourced datafeeds, which will pull and drag new kinds of information directly from the crowd.

The company will take advantage of these feeds to incentivize the crowd to take part in the feed.

The Santiment database of crypto projects, aka the ‘Sanbase’

Santiment has professionalized the process of “collecting a phenomenal amount of information” by enabling the crowd to make its contribution for verifiable information to the database in exchange for a SAN reward, in addition to curation and research by expert analysts.

Through this method, the company will be able to control crowdsourcing and redistribute SAN to people who hold value to the network.

What is the SAN token?

1 –  The SAN (Santiment Network Token Prototype) is a coupon the company issued in Switzerland abiding by FINMA regulation.

2 – When the SAN is staked, exchanges and users are provided with access to do free streaming of information and feeds.

3 – It is the standalone way of buying exclusive datafeeds and content available through auctions.

4 – The company makes the non-exclusive available for fiat subscriptions.


SAN core utility

SAN has three key functions to perform through the Santiment network:

1 – Payments for auctions and subscriptions (like a value flow mechanism and price discovery).

2 – Staking (like an on-boarding mechanism).

3 – Rewards for crowd sourcing (as a network rewards mechanism).

4 – SAN works as a payment crowd source pricing for Santiment services, while allocating and generating value for SAN holders.

5 – SAN staking incentivizes strategic partners to enhance and offer support to Santiment as a datafeeds platform.

6 – SAN doubles as a reward for crowd sourcing data and information escalates the value of Santiment services, thus creating more value for the entire network.

Santiment crowd sale and token distribution

The company offered its SAN tokens for sale on June 30, 2017, at 23:50 GMT. The crowd sale aims to cover the upcoming 3 years of development. It has denominated its cap totally in Ether (ETH), with at least 15,000 ETH and at the most 45,000 ETH. This is simply the hard cap. The company decided this cap along with the presale community and this is final.

The company has reserved:

  • 18% for the team to incentivize their continued efforts.
  • 4% for key partners and advisors.
  • 6% for the Reward Pool to incentivize network participants. The company has allocated this at its sole discretion.
  • 18% to the presale participants for their early support.
  • 54% to the crowd sale participants.

All team SAN tokens are vested. Team token payouts will start after 3 months and is likely to take 6 months to 1 year to complete, taking into account their position on the team.

The company has also decided to distribute the “Reward Pool” transparently to the network, and make it possible for everyone to do auditing as well as confirmation of his/her distribution over the next 2 years on the company’s transparency web page.

The company is also determined to use the money raised through the token crowd sale for their network development, to incentivize development of niche datafeeds, the production of high quality content, and to cover other expenses.

Moreover, the company wants to use these raised funds to expand itself, both in the form of datafeeds and userbase quality.

Here is the company’s non-binding and projected breakdown:

  • 50% has been allocated to datafeeds development.
  • 15% is reserved for datafeeds and service acquisitions.
  • 15% is allocated to marketing and business development.
  • 10% is to be used for operational expenses.
  • 5% will be used for legal expenses.
  • 5% is to be used for a reserve fund.

The SAN token issuing entity is Santiment LLC, while its jurisdiction of issuance is Switzerland. The company has decided to offer 1000 SAN per ETH, and the legal status of the token is Swiss Voucher.

Time to Issuance: the company has decided to issue tokens immediately with a 7-day transfer freeze. This freeze determines that no mistakes are committed in the distribution.

Santiment roadmap

In terms of their future plans, the company, according to it whitepaper, has decided to develop:

1 – A mobile terminal/app: This will allow traders to have access to light datafeeds, market content/insights and the SANbase anywhere, anytime.

2 – A web terminal in addition to an open API: This will take care of reduced latency datafeeds that need huge amounts of bandwidth.

3 – The company will merge with many other leading asset management platforms and exchanges, so other investors and traders can have access to it.

The company’s web terminal and functioning mobile terminal are scheduled by the start of 2018, in addition to thousands of datafeeds by 2019.

How can SAN holders make money?

SAN is Santiment’s currency that you can earn by providing insights and information, or you can choose to spend it to have an access to that information.

Below is set out the economic system the company allows for:

  1. Traders take advantage of the company’s trading tools, and get rewards for the actions that bring about valuable crypto market intelligence in SNT.
  2. You can purchase this intelligence (like Sentiment data and other forms) in SNTs.
  3. The demand for SNTs will grow if the data is valuable, because the single path to have access to it would be through SNTs.
  4. As the value increases as will increase the desire to obtain more SNTs, for which traders are required to create more and more valuable crypto market intelligence.

Santiment Team

The Santiment Team is led by:

Maksim Balashevich, Founder, CEO. He is well known as an entrepreneur, who was previously employed with IBM as software lead, and co-founded a hosting company. Maksim is a serial product producer with considerable experience in modern financial systems analysis. He also does the management of the entire product and leads the team.

Located in Switzerland, Santiment has an international team of experts, including professionals from all around the globe, with extensively diverse backgrounds.

Overall, the team, understands that crowd sentiment is the silent driving force behind crypto markets, making it the focus of the platform, along with data feeds and content.

Santiment competitors

Just as cryptocurrency investment is gaining momentum with every passing day, demand for financial analytics is also swelling in the crypto world—most importantly when institutional money begins to make way for it. The majority of paying customers of Thomson Reuters/Bloomberg are mutual funds, hedge funds, and investment banks.

Since mainstream financial firms do not actually deal with cryptocurrencies, Santiment has not encountered much competition. It is for this reason, that the company currently has the first mover advantage.

Moreover, the company has already tied up its knot with and Iconomi (they made an investment of 2,000 ETH in February). This clearly shows that the company has already been through the due diligence process by virtue of an extensively experienced team in the crypto space. 

Final remarks

Similar to Bitshares, SALT, Waves, Komodo, Vechain, Stratis, Stellar Lumens  and many others, although Santiment is new in the cryptospace, dissimilar to them, its integration of datafeeds platform may pay off, if all prospective plans are implemented and put into practice as expected.


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