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Stellar Lumens doesn’t aspire to being just another non-profit and decentralized monetary service providing organization in the industry, but aims to implement real change. The mission of this organization is to enable any and all to have cheap access to advanced monetary services.  The goal is to help fight the current financial conditions of the market and allow individuals to secure their future without having to worry about economic constraints.

What is Stellar Lumens?

Stellar Lumens is a non-profit organization, focused on empowering every user to experience easy and cheap access to progressive monetary services. There have been many ups and downs with the traditional banking system; from paying cut-throat commissions to waiting for third-party approval. The market was badly in need of quick improvement and Stellar Lumens has arrived to fill this niche.


What is Stellar Lumens’ objective?

  1. This is a blockchain-enabled organization, programmed, and designed to deliver speedy, cheap yet highly-secure transactions facilities. Let’s consider this organization as a platform, where several plans become reality, change becomes constant and a whole community benefits.
  2. Lumens works as a liaison between people, banks, and the payment system. It brings all your financial needs and requirements onto a single platform, letting you perform transactions at any time and at any speed. 

Currency, tokens and the like

Lumens has engineered itself into its own ecosystem, where the ‘name’ functions as a digital currency, just as Bitcoin and other altcoins (Decred, Omisego, etc.) in the market. As most virtual coins, Lumens (XLM) are not to be owned physically; users can only claim their possessions over the assets with an in-platform generated personal key. Back in 2014, the Stellar network came up with its first hundred billion STR tokens, which were in due course renamed as Lumens (XLM) in 2015 as a crucial platform of financial services.

The origins of Lumens

The Stellar Network functions and runs all its transactions on its own coin – Stellar Lumen (XLM) – and on a complete decentralized mode, with blockchain technology. Conventional, centralized processing is dependent upon financial governments, then government regulations, and lastly the company board to get down to distributing the currency by printing out paper notes. The decentralized currency (Bitcoin, Steem, Zcash, Waves, etc.) on the other hand, runs on the underlying server that applies the cryptography to first generate and distribute the coins.

How to buy Lumens?

Over time, XLM has grown to be a leading altcoin and its convenient availability is quite obvious. Lumens is available for purchase at varied market platforms and exchanges.

Stellar Network has adopted some tight security measures throughout the year. They actually go Live for ICO token sales and generate crowdfunding. Protecting a digital coin and its mining process from being hacked and misused is costly as well as a matter of brain investment. The network has to improve their blockchain technology and its application capacities. On the other hand, what they are more involved with is bonding users’ assets. This is to protect the savings on their clients’ end. The organization has subsequently come up with the regulation that say that to have user currency bond, each account must have 20 Lumens minimum. In addition, XLM acts as a profit-making medium between any two currencies, say USD and EUR, in case an immediate market ceases to function on time.

Innovation that sets Stellar Network apart

  1. The Stellar Network has recently announced its serious partnership with blockchain development, so it can perform faster and in a more advanced way. So much has already been done, but there is more in the pipeline.
  2. The organization is also thinking of widening their capacity by expediting quality service globally. Their aim is to enable minimal effort for digital asset management. For instance, buying money and storing money does not call for a larger scale of instalments, or settlements. Instead, it will be smaller scale instalments, cross fringe instalments, or even payment to not-privileged markets, which have greater payment streams.
  3. All these jobs-in-the-pipeline will be dedicated around using the ecosystem of Stellar Network and as an important segment of their structure installation.
  4. The team says that their general plan is to use the Stellar Network to maximize access to the latest financial facilities worldwide and predominantly to those, who have been unbanked due to various reasons.


Things you may not be aware of

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) works, for the majority, with accomplished and authorized collaborators. For instance – settlements companies, Fintech new businesses and banks. Be that as it may, the convention of Stellar Network is to make it an innovation to be used by everyone. Stellar Network’s program also aims to be more tech-savvy as a cash exchange administrator in non-banking settings.

They say that Stellar is better than Ripple. This is why:

  1. The key factor that makes this virtual currency a better pick over Ripple is that it has better and larger applications and utilization-cases. There are also certain substantial differences in the philosophy.
  2. Also, this is a non-profit and open-source technology that principally serves to promote fiscal availability and annexation. SDF has associated with the global operators of money transfer and many other financial institutions.
  3. With a dedicated mindset to serve the less privileged or unbanked ones, SDF is currently standing out of the current league. The Stellar Network has LIVE payments streams, initiating from Europe to the Philippines.
  4. They are also planning on deploying the Live Payment facility to certain areas of Africa and GCC. 

Stellar vs. Ripple

If you go through some real comparisons,

  • Ripple aims to be a profit entity, which is currently beginning with advanced and live payment networks in collaboration with market’s biggies.
  • Ripple is currently enjoying partnership with over 75 large-scale banks on its own network and the list goes on with RBC, bank of America, UBS and Standard Chartered.
  • Ripple desires to have all global banks to run settlements on the Ripple network.
  • It is uncertain that if there is any Live payment facility on its network or not.
  • The matter of larger banks is that they might tend to branch off of Ripple’s network at certain point of time and launch their individual networks and technology.

 The upshot

The Stellar Network wins for having its own Consensus Mechanism, created by David Maziers. In addition to this, Stellar prioritizes accuracy and safety at the expense of concurrent systems. In the meantime, Ripple comes to utilize probabilistic voting mechanism, which is a very distinctive nature of the mechanism, based upon majority authentication, what might lead to provisional ledger forks.

  1. The bottom line is that Ripple is more centralized and Stellar is a totally decentralized process.
  2. It is a friendlier financial service platform, which has evidently got rid of third party involvement. Stellar network hosts program like Stellar Build Challenge in order to incentivize the technology developers on its own network system. They have also come to launch Partnerships Program, which proposes partners at up to 2 million USD in XLM grants.
  3. Stellar serves multiple markets with several technologies, which is quite similar to Ripple, but their plans in the pipeline to expedite the processing and enrich services makes them a potential better pick.

How to setup and store your Lumens (XLM)

There are, for your information, several types of wallets available to store your XLM.


It is a wallet, described as the most secure and not for day-to-day transactions. To set up the wallet, these are the steps:

  • Start by downloading the latest version of cold wallet. Note that, any smartphone OS is compatible.
  • Now extract the .zip, click the file and open.
  • Time to create a new account with the software to then create another account named as Empty Account. Choose an address for wallet.text file to be opened.
  • Create a password, which has to be strong enough to not be hacked. This password will act as the security key to unencrypt the file, which has your private and public key.
  • Then, as the instruction say, finish off setting up your wallet.
  • You need to back up the wallet.text file now as it will protect the addresses. 



As opposed to the cold wallet, the hot wallet is good for day-to-day transactions and it is completely based on the web. There are certain websites which have an attractive set of wallets. If would like a recommendation, go to This wallet is compatible with both IOS and Android. When using the hot wallet, the user will get 25 free XLM – which typically needs 5 XLM over the minimum amount to be incorporated on Stellar Blockchain.

If you require reviews of the wallets, you will find not many. But the advice is – do not store more than you can afford to lose. Web-based services, irrespective of whether they are centralized or decentralized, are not yet fully safe.

XLM Pricing

Looking at its growing market cap and volume, it becomes quite easy for investors to predict the future of their investment in XLM. As of now, the future looks promising. This will also talk of potential risks as well as measurements. XLM experienced a short-lived fall in its worth not long ago.

The Stellar Network is creating one of the strongest altcoins for the future crypto coin markets.

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