FortuneJack Review—What Makes This Cryptocurrency Casino Stand Out From The Rest?

Gamblers, today, use bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in place of traditional fiat currencies. The gambling market dominated by digital currencies is rising because it offers provable fair games, fast transitions, and lower fees along with better odds.

In this always-evolving landscape, FortuneJack is an online cryptocurrency casino that has become popular. Operated by a group of companies based in Dublin, this online bitcoin casino is managed by a talented team having twenty-year experience within the global gambling industry. Apart from managing FortuneJack, this team has a vast portfolio of work that includes online casinos, brick-and-mortar venues, and Eastern Europe’s leading casinos.

Launched in 2014, FortuneJack features slot games, dice games, lottery games, betting games, video games, and live games. Apart from that, this online casino even offers a secure binary trading platform. So, put simply, this online casino club will let the bettors choose from more than 500 casino games and trade in eight leading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, litecoins, dash, ethereum, and monero.

This online casino is licensed as a legal one operating across the island of Curacao. For more details about this online casino, a bettor can email at Now, here are the features that make FortuneJack a reliable online casino.


Signing up to FortuneJack Bitcoin Casino is easy

A great cryptocurrency casino website is defined by the way it lets new users register. The sign-up process on any online crypto-currency gambling site should be very quick, and that is precisely where FortuneJack stands out. When you visit FortuneJack’s website, you will find the “Join Now” button at the top right corner. The button is in red; beside the “Join Now” button, there is a “Login” button that is in blue color—and all these buttons are present on a black backdrop, making them very noticeable.

Once bettors click on the “Join Now” button, they will see a pop-up page asking them for their basic details such as username, email address, country, password, and a reconfirmation of the entered password. Once you fill all these details, you get registered to this online cryptocurrency gambling market. It is that simple!

Because of this only, the website is successfully revolutionizing the online cryptocurrency gambling landscape. Also, FortuneJack offers a number of welcome promotional offers to all the newly joined members; these offers generally include some great signup bonuses.

Get great promotional offers

Online cryptocurrency gambling will never be complete without awesome bonuses. At FortuneJack, bettors get some of the greatest bonuses and promotional offers. Whether they are experienced or beginners, crypto gamblers will find the most beneficial bonuses and offers up for grabs at this online crypto gambling space.

No matter whether it is a Black Friday, Thanksgiving, or any other festive occasion, FortuneJack makes sure that your good mood becomes great with the best deals and offers. Here is one example: At this online crypto-gambling space, bettors usually have mid-week dice madness where they can reveal the jackpot in just seven consecutive rolls instead of eight every Wednesday.


Bettors just have to keep an eye on these bonuses and offers as they can come in a variety of forms and sizes. So with such bonuses and promotional offers, FortuneJack sure gives gamblers a lot of chances to win more and have great fun every time and all the time.

Guaranteeing immersive gaming experience every time

After signing up on FortuneJack, anyone can be surprised by seeing a huge variety of really immersive games that this website has to offer. So the wide range of games that are available to players includes dice, blackjack, Fortune Wheel, live roulette, keno, monster madness, mega moolah, fortune slot, and the like. In total, there are close to 500+ games in the FortuneJack library. Along with this, there are different binary trading platforms for the users too. Now, here is the rundown on some of the most popular game that this website is offering right now. 


This online cryptocurrency casino offers different slot machine games that consist of Star Cash, Fortune Slot, Dragon King, Dragon Egg, 7Up, and a few other titles that are coming from some of the top developers. You can easily pick a number of machine games on the basis of their own developers; these include Endorphina, Isoftbet, Tomhorn, and SoftSwiss.

jack's race 2BTC


Bettors swing for the fences with different jackpot games found on FortuneJack. On this website, you will find the jackpot offers the rise as high as 3869 BTC (for Glam Life) at the time of writing this review. The FortuneJack website includes a scrolling tally of all the jackpots offered along with the total amounts betted or wagered. A few other popular jackpot games found on this website comprise Mega Moolah (166 BTC jackpot), Greedy Goblins (120 BTC jackpot), IT Came From Venus JP Plus (96 BTC jackpot), Tycoons Plus (96 BTC jackpot), and Charms and Clovers (57 BTC jackpot).

Live dealer games

At FortuneJack, you get a casino-like experience when you play the live dealer games here. FortuneJack is offering live roulette, live baccarat, live blackjack, live Caribbean Poker, live Wheel of Fortune, live Dragon Tiger, and some other interesting, immersive live dealer games. In general, the live dealer games are becoming more popular as bitcoin betting is rising to fame. The live games on this website are pretty responsive and fast with no lags or delays whatsoever.


With FortuneJack, you will be able to play online roulette or live roulette anytime, anywhere. This platform provides a number of variations in roulette such as Electronic Roulette, European Roulette Flash, Roulette Titanium, American Roulette Flash, Roulette Crystal, Roulette with Track, among other varieties.


When it comes to playing poker, FortuneJack provides a pretty diverse range that even includes the run-of-the-mill live or online poker games. These poker games come with a range of rulesets as well, so bettors choose the game that suits their tastes the most. Talking about the website’s poker game’s range, it includes 3 Heads Up Hold’em, Joker Card Poker, Stud Poker, Fruit Poker, and some other fascinating varieties for bettors to try.


At FortuneJack, players can easily play online or live blackjack games quickly and without any hassles. This website offers a full assortment of blackjack games including Royale Blackjack, Multihand Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, American Blackjack, Double Exposure, among others. 

Betting games

Apart from generic casino games, FortuneJack even offers a full-fledged binary options trading platform that allows you to gamble on general binary options trading. This trading variety consists of giving the player the choice of whether or not the chosen equity will go lower or higher by a specific point in the current trading day.


It is all about playing a fair game

Now, it is completely possible to verify the fairness of every game that the bettor plays. At FortuneJack, bettors use a robust Provably Fair system where not even a single player can determine the outcome of any given deck until the time the results are created and displayed.

With FortuneJack, bettors can easily allow players to see how all the outcomes are always influenced by the inputs entered by the gambler. Apart from the inputs, there is even a specific secret number that is disclosed and even changed for all the rounds that happen in all the games. Because of this, the players can easily verify that a game is played fair.

Every single game that is played on FortuneJack is and will always be Provably Fair no matter what happens. So with the Provably Fair technology, any player will be able to verify the legitimacy of any bet in real time without any headaches. On this website, every game uses a completely different algorithm for ensuring its transparency and for calculating its fairness. 

Seamless deposits and transactions

FortuneJack is partnered with BitGo™—an extremely efficient, fast, secure, user-friendly bitcoin wallet for every one of its bettors. The very nature of a bitcoin makes its users struggle when it comes to making the payments and withdrawals get reflected in accounts. And this partnership with BitGo ™ has literally converted hours of waiting time required for processing the transaction to just seconds.

With BitGo™, the bitcoin gambling has become very easier, faster, and securer on FortuneJack. This awesome partnership has sure helped in making the loading and withdrawing of bitcoins super quick and simple. This solution has even allowed FortuneJack to let its bettors enjoy winnings and plays the way they should without even thinking about the total processing time that the coins take.

Bettors just need to create their own BitGo™ account, and then use these details when they have to make a primary withdrawal or payment for FortuneJack. With this empowering solution, the players can certainly transfer the available funds instantly just after the receipt. Other important details about the deposit and transactions of the digital currencies on FortuneJack are given below.

  • Unique deposit addresses is not at all available
  • There is just one confirmation needed before play
  • Experience instant withdrawal times
  • Player to player transfer is available
  • With the “Withdraw All” button, the players need not fill the entire and exact amount of transaction


Bug bounties for the most observing bettors

Just like other crypto gambling sites, FortuneJack gives a very big bounty to all those bettors who find a problem or who suggest any substantial website improvements. The idea is very simple yet effective for all those observant players who want to lay their hands on great bounties without a lot of trouble.

So to cut a long story short, if bettors find a problem within a game or if they have a very good idea for taking the website’s performance to the next level, then their suggestions can surely help them win free coins. On this crypto-gambling website, many sharp-eyed bettors have given their constructive views and opinions and have successfully won a lot of free cryptocurrencies easily.

Bettors should always remember that their one single feedback or comment can improve FortuneJack a lot. However, the reward’s rate will completely depend on the relevance and size of the highlighted bug. The team at this website will just need the description of the steps that have led the bettor the fault and the exact URL that needs changes. 

Anybet options and binary trading

For having many game options, FortuneJack has included a full-fledged binary trader on its platform. This trading platform will let bettors bet on a particular asset’s direction; these assets generally include silver, gold, currency pairs, or a casino’s wallet balance.

There are different expiry times for you to pick from, and these times can range from anywhere between 60 seconds and one single day. Whenever the option expires, the bettors will either lose or win. This special form of binary trading along with a BTC is growing quickly in the gambling space within the last few months.

Apart from a binary trading platform, the casino will even include a system that is known as Anybet. This system is based on all the real-world events that can comprise politics, sports, and entertainment. The best bets that have taken place on this platform have been done on the bitcoin’s price and even on elections. What makes this feature the best is that any player can easily place a bet on anything to the system and earn close to 0.2 percent of the total volume of the bet that is placed by different players.

Making security the top priority

The FortuneJack site is developed as well as maintained by topmost software professionals. This feature allows the website to offer some of the best, innovative, secure games that can be enjoyed by both newcomers and pros alike. The crypto-gambling website is defined by some core values such as unbeatable services, provably fair gambling at every level, and a wide gaming choice.

FortuneJack even verifies every single user and does not let anyone create an anonymous account. That is, the gamblers will need to go through a proper process and enter every bit of personal information for abiding by the already established anti-money laundering standards.

The account on this online crypto-gambling website will be frozen as soon as it is found that the user is operating under a pseudonym or a pen name. Also, this website has enabled a two-factor authentication process for making sure that the login is done by the legitimate user only.

Pros and con


  • The interface is intuitive and simple.
  • There are a lot of games to pick from.
  • The site is based on Provably Fair technology.
  • The website supports altcoins and a variety of other leading cryptocurrencies.


  • The site does not allow sportsbetting.

The bottom line

FortuneJack is a reliable online casino that allows bettors to play dice and poker in a very safe and secure environment.