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Bringing a revolutionary change into the mainstream banking system, cryptocurrency powered blockchain technology has disrupted the industry. TRON is the new addition to the crypto markets. Although TRONIX (TRX) is considered an altcoin, it also serves as a platform. Built upon an idea to heal the internet by enabling a free content entertainment system, the platform is designed on blockchain technology. With TRON, developing and sharing entertainment content, payment and storage are no longer a hassle. Done on a single platform, in a single click, TRON makes the process effective and convenient.

TRON: An analysis

Created by Justin Sun (currently serving as CEO), it was held to high standards and is an ambitious project. To bring the internet to a decentralized state is the sole reason behind this idea. Large-scale corporations are spending significant amounts of money on creating a good image of their business on the internet. The more Internet users visit your website, the higher the chances of revenue. TRON is developing a Web 4.0, which will allow the user data ownership and also to decentralize the Internet.

The platform serves as a non-profit establishment, with the aim of giving businesses a distinctive way to operate. Their key focus is to decentralize content creation along with targeted audience and end the centralization of data.


How it works

1 – TRON is powered by cryptocurrency, which is also an altcoin TRONIX. This is utilized for the functioning of a distributed economy.

2 – The platform is enabled with smart contract protocol, which further allows its users to access the benefits of crypto coin

3 – Joining this smart contract-enabled platform, users will get to create, publish, make payments, and store data on a complete decentralized mode.

Put simply, there will be ownership and censorship of data creation, publication, sharing and storing. Users can decide what data to share with who and when.

The platform is more of a host for users and developers. It facilitates users with a content verification and authentication system and also checks if the content aligns with both parties. In addition, the usage of TRONIX is not limited to the platform itself. It can also be utilized in gaming currency exchanges, i.e. online gambling.

Here’s how this host grows across the markets

TRON has been conceptualized to validate users’ transactions with the help of blockchain-enabled smart contracts. Over time, this platform has proved to be good and its manifestation with social media has been appreciated. Becoming an ideal platform with time, it allows its users enjoy gaming, gambling, creating videos, and sharing them quickly and easily. Looking deeper into its market capitalization currently, TRONIX stands is competitive against leading cryptos such as Bitcoin, BAT, Ardor, TENX, VeritaseumTether, NEM, Omisego. The market supply of TRON is 65 million TRX, whereas total supply is 100 million TRX.

Innovation infused with TRON development and operation

The platform is currently up and functioning and it is expected to release the following innovations and advantages in the next few years. The program will involve five steps and they are as follows:

Data liberation

It is going to be a full-fledged mechanism where content creation, storage, and sharing would be peer-to-peer and in a distributed economy. The phase is called EXODUS, wherein distributed storage and publication technology is denoted by IPFS. This foundation will empower users with a fully dependable and free platform to create, store, and disseminate content.


Content authorization

Traits and benefits of this platform include incentivization of the content, content empowerment, and a competitive economic mechanism that will offer fair returns on content creation and dissemination. Therefore, to encourage more individuals to join and contribute to the community, TRON is constantly expanding, pushing its limits.

Decentralization of token trade and free transactions

The system is enabled with a fully-fledged solution to experience decentralized trading. The system has also planned everything for those creating content and trading, and they will get to issue their own tokens within the platform, which is TRONIX, i.e. TRX.

Monetization of traffic

The market size of online gaming is expanding every day. Currently, 2.2 billion online gamers are expecting revenue of USD108.9 billion by the end of 2017. This platform is supposed to make it feasible for developers to build web-based gaming platforms and experience complete decentralization. Developers can develop these platforms freely, and also deliver autonomous games and scopes to predict the market’s movement.

Traffic conversion

The video game market size is also expanding. Today, the phone game has created its own market size and it is USD4.61 Billion, i.e. 42%. This platform provides the opportunity to build a web-based game platform, where developers can spontaneously setup platforms for game and also get funded through crowdfunding. The latter option will help attract common investors to the platform and contribute to this ecosystem.

The technical components of the platform

  • File storage protocol.
  • Storage network for self-operation.
  • Implementing networks for the in-platform content.
  • Authorization of transactions and community governance.

What sorts of problems are being resolved by TRON?

Collaboration with Gifto and MLG Blockchain

The brand has just collaborated with Gifto. This is to encourage virtual gifting, done on blockchain and which is attracting a certain amount of buzz these days. In addition, the platform has joined with MLG Blockchain, in a hope to launch the same platform to the west with the hope of attracting new users.

Eliminating the risk of centralized processing

Developers are the users, who will enjoy an underlying ownership of their data or content. There is no longer a risk of content being centralized as blockchain technology works towards decentralizing Internet.

Offering tangible profits to developers

Gaming platform developers are allowed to have proportional profits according to their rules. This is more of a value network, where the bulk of advantages digitally capitalize on online content. Put simply, developers will be rewarded or paid for using the platform or network.

High-grade monetization of online content

Previously, there was no such reward system for using a platform to develop content or share any research data. For example, even the world’s largest social media network Facebook, which is used by billions of people around the world. Businesses, individual entrepreneurs and big corporations, use this platform for promotion and marketing, but get nothing in return apart from traffic to their respective websites. TRON thought there should be an instant reward system for using the platform and creating valuable content, which can be further used in portfolios. The system is later addressed as Content Monetization.

As far as this platform is concerned, it is used for creating entertainment content such as online game or what is otherwise called gambling platforms. Developers will earn TRX, i.e. cryptocurrency of TRON and store to the in-platform wallet.

TRON is better as it is free of charges

After the emergence of this platform, such blockchain-enabled services have become completely free of charge. There is no fee for joining, in fact there are rewards for joining and greater income for utilizing the platform to create content for long-term valuable use by general public. The platform runs on a non-profit foundation, so is designed in a way that can serve a general purpose. For example, by creating entertainment content. After making their contribution, all participants will receive their share of prosperity.

Decentralized creation, storing and sharing

This blockchain-enabled platform provides a step towards decentralizing online content creation, storage, and sharing. Having complete control over what to create, and with whom and when to share it, was essential. This system is to reward all participants for their involvement and contribution. An additional idea behind this platform is to encourage creative and culture industries to experience how it feels to be the owner of your own content and creation. The capitalization of online content has ruled for many years and it was time for blockchain technology to disrupt the space and make censorship possible for the online entertainment enthusiasts.

Having an autonomous gaming infrastructure

The network will also offer decentralized infrastructure for the autonomous gaming and distributed exchange.

How to mine TRON

The TRON project was basically inspired by the drawbacks of venture capitalism. Thus, it was designed to offer cryptocurrency mining backed by both finance and technology for the well-intentioned candidates. The platform has its own developers, investors, and miners, who are equipped with the viable tools and facilities to help the budding ideas come into reality.

The technology used for TRX mining is called Positron technology, which has been infused into the codebase for enabling Darksend and Masternodes. It will make the mining transitions smoother than ever as well as effective.

TRX specifications:

PoW and DPOS

Dynamic Proof Of Stake

●        Block target: 90 seconds●        Block 0-100: 0 TRX●        Block 2700-4000: 20 TRX
●        Algorithm: SHA256●        Block 101-100: 500 TRX●        Block 4001-6600: 30 TRX
●        Max Stage Age: 24 hours●        Block 701-1000: 450 TRX●        Block 6601-6700: 200 TRX
●        Min Stake Age: 6 Hours●        Block 1001-1600: 400 TRX●        Block 6701-8500: 30 TRX
●        Maturity is with 120 Blocks●        Block 1601-2200: 300 TRX●        Block 8501-10000: 100 TRX
●        There’s no Premine/Instamine/IPO●        Block 2201-2800: 200 TRX


●        Block 10001-20000: 20 TRX
●        Block 2801-3400: 100 TRX●        Block 20001-21000: 100 TRX
●        Block >3400 – NA●        Block >21000 – 9% APR

How to buy TRON and setup a wallet

Doing business on this platform lets you play with the easiest wallet option. Provided by MyEtherWallet, you will store TRONs on Ethereum.

1 – Visit and create a new ledger wallet. Now, you need to make sure that Browser support is enabled by visiting Settings.

2 – Click the tab of Send Ether & Tokens.

3 – After selecting Ledger wallet, click the blue button to link to the ledger wallet.

4 – Remember that your ETH address has to be accurate as it was generated to unlock the wallet. In the process, make sure the address has some funding. Send the USD to the ETH address and the amount will be automatically converted.

5 – Now, you can view your ETH balance as well as address. Go down and click the button that reads Load Tokens.

6 – Along with ETH, if you are holding TRX tokens to that wallet address. This will too be displayed as amount next to it.

7 – If you don’t hold TRX tokens, you can buy them with ETH coins and store to that wallet address.


Features and uses of TRON

  • Consensus mechanisms.
  • Peer-to-peer transactions.
  • A playing and growing host.
  • Smart contract protocol.
  • Flexibility on blockchain applications.
  • Currency exchange for gaming.
  • Dependency in gambling.

Conclusion of TRON

This crypto market has already got a number of things going for it, which it makes a smart investment. Its shared platform has been built around the idea of encouraging industries to come and pursue the tremendous benefits of a decentralized internet. Gaming platform developers, who are interested in creating entertainment content are likely to join TRON crypto markets.

This digital currency can be used across various exchange platforms to perform diverse activities. The bottom line is that both users and developers are invited to take their internet-based poker winnings to a next level and buy direct access in order to make their content creation available to another country.

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